Resolve crisis quickly

Everybody had expected that the resignation of Prime Minister Surya Bahadur Thapa would be a "talisman" to resolve the on going crisis. Conversely, the country is running without an executive body for about three weeks. And nothing comes to suggest the resolution of the crisis at the moment. Ironically, this could be an exemplary illustration for the rest of the world — a country that follows a democratic constitution is stranded with no executive head of the government for such a long period. It is high time the leaders did not hesitate to learn from others, and resolve the crisis immediately.

Biraj Bhurtel, Dhulikhel


Feeling that it is my privilege to breathe in free political air, I came to Kathmandu to join the protest programmes against the anti-democratic move a week ago. Nevertheless, I have been peeved in the past few days to see the leaders deserting the street protestors for the sake of political brinkmanship. It appears now that the parties were not serious from the start, except to garner political support for themselves based on anti-King bashing. This is true betrayal of the trust they repose in themselves and the open display of selfish and

vested political interests. I praise the King for his magnanimity that he showed by giving audience to the leaders. Furthermore, the state of confusion should not remain as it is any longer.

Bing S Thapa, Maharajgunj


It is surprising to know that the per capita income of Nepali people has "increased." At this time, when all financial sectors and major development works have been suffering severe

setback due to the long drawn Maoists insurgency and political turmoil, how can the per capita income be improved? It seems either our policy makers and planners have been trying to solace the disheartened people by issuing false statistics or they have not made a thorough study about it. They must be fooling people.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan.


The Midway published in your newspaper is popular in our circle. In order to refresh

ourselves from our monotonous daily studies, we read it as a routine. The articles like Portrait of phoenix, Abnormal, am I? And Moment of truth are worth mentioning. However, "Summer slams" had no charm in it at all. Moreover, we are tired of seeing the name(s) of same writer(s) all the time. We young readers feel annoyed while reading

tasteless stuffs like that regarding politics.

Pretty and Aarati, Kathmandu


The section "Personal Finance" in the Perspectives is very informative. It is helpful on issues related to cash. Moreover, it enlightens the readers, suggests them how to eliminate confusions and provides them with legal advices. Though it covers only a few questions at present, I hope the number of queries will soon grow in future.

S Rajkarnikar, via e-mail


I would like to request you not to publish large close-up photographs of relatives

grieving at funerals like the one on the front page on May 27. Such photographs constitute an invasion of privacy besides reflecting poor editorial taste.

Moreover, it is not wise to treat air accidents as being more "important" than bus accidents. The loss of lives in both the cases is equally tragic.

Bhai Kaji, Kathmandu