Restoration no solution

I agree to an extent with some keynotes of the article “Conflict resolution” by Shailendra K Upadhyay published recently in THT. “Neither restoration of the dissolved House of Representatives nor the formation of the government of the parties in the said House can solve the present political imbroglio.” Moreover, I would like to prioritise the tasks thus: one, form an interim government with the participation of the Maoists. Two, make a new Constitution through a Constituent Assembly and hold fair and free general election. Third, always work for progress and development.

Tenjing Limbu, Gaushala


The education system of the country is not efficient. That is why everything is getting out of control. Brain drain is one the consequences of the ineffective education system. Thus, the State must introduce an efficient and sound education system. Only by doing so the students could be enlightened with sheer knowledge of the country’ s history and geography.

Yam Gurung, via e-mail

Fake notes

Recently, I went to a bank. As I approached the cash counter, I saw a notice regarding counterfeit note of NRs 1000 denomination along with a sample of a counterfeit note. I could not differentiate between the two. When I took a close glimpse, only then I realised it is easy to speak on the counterfeit notes but difficult to verify. Now, I know how people easily get cheated by forgers, thanks to the bank staff. They have tried to make the consumers aware of the fake notes. Furthermore, I would like to request the authority, which issues bank notes, to take into consideration the rising incidence of counterfeit notes in the market and its circulation. They should take necessary steps to combat this problem.

Ambika Pandey, Chitwan


What will our future be? This has been one of the questions that has been worrying all the Nepalis at these turbulent times. Those who have been in politics need to answer this question clearly. Furthermore, I want to question them how good will our future be if the ongoing crisis is not resolved. The prevailing rate of unemployment has reached such levels that it is not unnatural for the vast majority of those without jobs to seek greener pastures abroad. Reja Tuladhar, Nhyokha

A better place

Let’s imagine a world where there would be no racial, economic and religious discrimination. Countries would not have territorial boundaries and limitations of any kind. There would be no room for regional conflicts. Moreover, the whole world would be like a country. Love would prevail over hatred and message of brotherhood spread in all directions that would maintain a harmonious co-existence. No one would have to carry arms — a world without crime, where laws and jurisdiction would be secondary! Though it appears to be a sheer fantasy, it is not impossible to develop our world into such an enlightened state. However, wise steps should be taken immediately to achieve such an ambition. It is time for us to shed the cocoon of negligence and spread our wings of thoughtfulness. With wisdom and knowledge, humans can acquire any destiny and make anything possible. Obviously, we

can make our world a better place.

Gaurav Tripathi, Bhainsepati