Transparency a must

It is very important for the donor agencies including the UN to be more transparent in their dealings. Development has come to a complete halt in the country with deteriorating condtion of roads, zero outreach to health facilities in even around the VDCs surrounding Kathmandu, lack of water, sanitation and housing infrastructure, while millions of dollars still coming into the country via the official aid mechanism. There is a strong need for the donors’ to adopt an open policy.

I am baffled that various representatives of the donor agencies themselves do not agree on the right development interventions, and they have sadly neglected Nepalis talent at home and abroad. I am sure that the dialogue that is going on between the donors and the

government and the political parties in two different scenarios will result in rectification of this.

I would like to encourage THT to cover more on the development sins and expose corrupt aid practitioners, both foreign and national.

Sangita Kebis, Pulchowk

Be clear

The women activists always talk about marital rape only from their perspective. However, I have some contrasting illustrations. If a woman forces her physically weak husband to have sex or if she abandons her husband because of his physical disability, what shall we call it?

I have learnt that a group of feminists is going to draft a private bill to deal with marital rape. To make the draft pragmatic and acceptable, the term "marital rape" should be clearly defined. The culprits should be punished and justice meted out.

Komal Dulal, Maitidevi


Movies are very influential. But are we conscious that we are victimised by some of them? With the ever increasing number of Hindi channels and films, the popularity of Nepali

entertainment business is declining. I have noticed young children using Hindi words even while trying to express their basic feelings. It is high time the government took this matter seriously and design effective measures against this trend which may hamper the

national language in a long run. Our language is our wealth and our pride; we would definitely not want to see it being shredded into pieces. I would not want the relation between the two countries to be demolished on this basis, but once it is too late and the audience is totally in the grip of foreign influence, then things can be bad.

Abhas Thapa, KU

Be careful

In the People Speak column published on May 2, there were two mistakes, one in my name and the other in my address. Instead of Kripa, it was printed Kipa and instead of Butwal, it was given Balwatar. Missing of the letter ‘r’ in Kipa is not that much noticeable, however, mentioning Baluwater instead of Butwal is a blunder. Butwal and Baluwatar are completely different places. The concerned person should be careful in future. Also, same messages werepublished in Message Board on May 1 and 2.

Kripa Bajimay, Butwal


I was surprised to notice Alok Vidyashram in Naxal did not give the students a holiday on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti. The day has even been declared an international holiday by the United Nations too. Nepal, as the birthplace of the Buddha, has more reason to celebrate the day as a holiday.

Bhai Shrestha, Kamal Pokhari