Worship true god

If we truly believe in god, our parents are the real gods for us wrote Swagat Raj Pandey on April 15. A noble thought but one ultimately destined to disappoint us. When we speak of god, we generally perceive of a supernatural entity that is omniscient and omnipresent. Some religions say humans are ‘images’ of god. To be godlike we display, on occasions, characteristics of divinity: Infinite patience, love, great power and courage. But we cannot sustain this because we are humans and not god. Parents may make mistakes. As such is it right to give them the place of god? True, we should and must respect and love our parents. It may be that in some cultures this concept has become so wasted that far from worshipping their parents, the youth despise or simply neglect them. It is equally inappropriate to worship our parents as gods. This leads to the corollary that all human beings, consisting genetically of the same stuff, should be treated as gods once they produce offspring. Most religious philosophies attribute the origin of the life-giving creative, reproductive spirit and energy not to ancestors but to the god on whom all depend, and in whom the true source of all life lies. It is interesting that worship of idols is common in many religions. In everyday parlance too we speak of the god of fashion or whatever. We use these words in a way that is far distant from the true meaning of god. In fact, often when we hear of individuals worshipping money it is in a pejorative sense and their behaviour is seen as most ungodly. Parents are great. Where would we be without them? But let us all save our worship for the true gods and not for the images of god.

Michael P Leahy, Sanepa

It’s Bode

It’s very nice to see a snapshot of tongue penetration during Bisket Jatra celebration in the front page of your newspaper. But the place where this ritual being performed is Bode not Thimi. Thimi and Bode are the two different places in Madhyapur Thimi municipality, Bhaktapur. Moreover, you should publish materials regarding culture and festivals in variety

section too.

Bilon Khambu, BPKIHS

Art effects

Though art has always been a subject of fascination for most of us, surprisingly many of us are unaware of the true value of it. We just go superficially overlooking the actual beauty and definition of art. As said, “an art speaks out,” great artists like Vinci and Picasso too have proved the adage through their masterpieces. Art creates a great impact on every aspect of life and further it reflects the culture, tradition, life style, history etc. of a nation. A beautiful art of landscape can help you relax. An abstract art can make you think differently. Likewise, art can encourage people to think better and be productive. Conclusively, art is a subject, which can enthuse and motivate every single mind.

Gaurav Tripathi, via e-mail


One of the main reasons I have been buying THT is for the TV Guide page in which you used to print information regarding movie channels where one could find the English films of the day. However, I have noticed that for some days you have stopped giving this information. I find this annoying, and unless you reintroduce the movie channel list I don’t think I will be purchasing your newspaper and look for some other in which I will find such a list. I am sure, like me, many others too miss the information. Therefore, please reconsider.

Bibasnet, via e-mail