Prolonged warfare

The present government is claming to be able to conduct general elections. But two consecutive attacks by the rebels on the district headquarters prove that the government has failed to manage the security system. It seems the government is ignoring the suffering of the people by sidelining the proposal put forward by the UN General Secretary Kofi Annan to help solve the problem. Neither the government works seriously on the issue, nor it lets the well-wishers to help Nepal to get out of this war.

Pravin Giri, Dhulikhel


Last week you published a story with a sad picture of a family who were compelled to spend their day and night under a tree. It was indeed a very touchy story. That Jumli family’s picture showed they were living with no hope indeed. The THT should be complimented for carrying this story which will help this family. Millions of other Nepalis are suffering in a similar manner. It would be better if we could do something for them instead of relying on foreign donors. Also, I would like to thank THT team for coming up with the Perspectives every Sunday. I am learning a lot of ideas relating to business and management.

Naveen Giri, via e-mail

Peace first

Last year, the elected government led by Sher Bahadur Deuba was sacked because his cabinet was unable to hold elections at the given time. But the nation is still without an elected government. This has hampered the constitutional processes as well. However, the King’s speech at Pokhara has given some hope. He emphasised on holding the general election by 2061 BS. This has proved that the monarch is ready to hand over power to the people’s representatives after a general election. This must be taken as a good move because if we believe in democracy we must face the election. Neither the political parties nor are the people against election. But the common people are forced to flee their villages and are caught in the crossfire.Under these circumstances, how can the public believe that there will be elections? Peace has to prevail first.

Pranav Gautam, Kathmandu

Stop violence

The illustration of locals crossing river holding on to a wire of the bridge has raised a challenging question — whether the Maoists are really committed towards the welfare of the civilians. The portrayal shows that if the people miss the balance while crossing the bridge they are sure to be drowned. It shows the miserable plight of the people. The Maoists should immediately renounce all killings, violence, terror and destruction. They need to understand that poverty,corruption, violence and bad governance are the evils facing the country. This is time to join hands with other political forces and work for prosperity.

Kumar Khulal, TU


This is a compliment to the Relationships article by Niranjan Khatiwada published on March 27. I am totally influenced by his article. Actually, the article which was alled “Forgotten sacrifices,” made me understand about teenage love better. I strongly support the writer’s feelings and thank him for inspiring me. Such articles help the readers, mostly the teenagers, to utilise their valuable time. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for publishing the article.

Sandhya Shrestha, New Baneshwor