Relief strategy

The findings of the dissection of the ongoing education system in the country by educationist Mana Prasad Wagley “Train the political leaders” (THT, Oct. 28) are extremely saddening, disheartening, worrying and distressing. Wagley has opined for a training course especially tailored for the political leaders. Unfortunately, it seems to be very doubtful whether the political leaders would have any time to attend such training sessions at a time when they are fully occupied by their own issues of their respective parties.I would like to opine that the straight forward action to stop the wastage of the precious time of the youth and of the public purse under the pretext of imparting education. No spending would be certainly better than spending on wrong education. The end of wasteful spending by the state would lower the price of the basic commodities in the market and would provide relief to the hard-pressed people to a substantial level.

V.P. Sayami, via e-mail


This is in reference to the news item “Big three brasses to meet today” (THT, Oct. 28). They have been on the same table-talk to end the present political

impasse for innumerable times. It’s been happening since the Maoists left the government on their own. Almost five months have passed with many meetings held at different places, but they always fail to draw any conclusion so that the consensus can be attained.It’s embarrassing that leaders of responsible parties keep repeating the word “there’s no alternative to this government”, “no one can touch the

president”, “ no better alternative to this peace process” and so on. I really wonder why they don’t find alternatives to anything. I think there’s always an alternative to everything and this is the only solution to bring the peace process to fruition.

As with previous meetings, this meeting would also most likely end with unproductive results. Enough is enough. How long can these leaders make the Nepalese people fools and disrespect their mandate? As the Maoists have made their protest plan public, this has fueled more fear in the minds of the people. At present, the country needs to be freed from their irrational demands that ultimately lead no where.

S. Shrestha, via e-mail


This is in reference to the news “Deuba’s car hit” (THT, 0ct 27). As a regular reader sometime I feel the headline of this news story is bland. In this news story, the headline doesn’t actually reflect the information that is to follow. There are many more apt, logical andinvitingopeners to choose from, like the brutality of the perpetrators, their highhandedness and their offhand manner etc.

Torture, harassment, disrespect, misbehaviour, poor treatment by the perpetrators of the public or the leaders should be given priority.

Shiva Neupane,

Melbourne, Australia.

Stick to rules

The current budget will come through an ordinance if the Maoists continue to disrupt the House. Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal should addresses the concerns raised by

the Maoists, who have been

obstructing the House and launching agitation on the streets demanding the correction of the ‘unconstitutional move’ taken by President Ram Baran Yadav on Army Chief

Rookmangud Katawal’s issue. The Maoists have no right to

disrupt the parliament. It is against democratic norms and values. They should stop

violating rules and regulations.

Roshan Kumar Jha, Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur

Be mature

Not again! I think again the public are supposed to be ready once again for that merciless and painful bandhs, violence and vandalism. It is high time now that the people of Nepal realized that what the politicians are trying to do is taking the public as their mere puppets. Just because their demands are not being met the public has to support them. Mr. Prachanda says that it was a mistake for including Madhav Nepal in the Constituent

Assembly. It’s his responsibility to rectify “his mistake” rather than asking the people to join the Jana Andolan Part Three. If it’s a war among the politicians then they should resolve it amongst themselves. Why make the public suffer for their errors and selfish motives. Hopefully, the public will be mature enough to make a sensible decision this time after those harrowing experiences of the past.

Ahmed Dulla, Kamal Pokhari