Today, almost every student’s dream is to study abroad and make a living there. This is because of the appalling standard of education in Nepal. Is this the path we should be choosing? Do we really have a good life abroad? Many of us are eager to go abroad only because we see the fun part of being there, but do not have a glimpse of the struggle that we have to face while staying there. You can ask each and every student, these days, where they want to study and the majority of them would definitely say “Abroad”. But, what happens if some of us fail to go abroad? Stress and depression are the answers. Studying abroad could lead us to nowhere .So, let us stop thinking about ways of going abroad, but try to make

our life over here itself.

Rinzin Sangbo Gurung,



The performance of the Under-16 football squad of Nepal was appalling. They could not score even a single goal and conceded over a dozen in the recently held international tournament in Kathmandu.

This, indeed, came as a big

disappointment to football fans and lovers in Nepal who had hoped that they would do better. It was even believed that Nepal was a serious contender after Iran, but the Nepalese Under-16 team lost all their matches. Some of the teams to which it lost were lowly rated. It seems that the time and efforts made to train

the Nepalese football team for the future have gone in vain. Much of these have been

expended in grooming this present national squad. It was expected that the pick of players for this team would later become national players able to raise the overall standard of football in the country. However, one thing that the Nepalese players are handicapped with is their comparatively weak physique. This is something that has to

be accepted. The other teams certainly had an advantage

over the Nepalese team because of this. But, this is not the only reason for the poor performance of the Nepalese squad. What they lacked was the will to do better. That could have made much of a difference. In any case, there is no harm in trying and doing better in the future in the interest of football in Nepal.

Raju Karki, via e-mail

Water supply

It is reported that six different groups have padlocked the main site of the Melemchi

Project and the work has come to a halt since the last several months. This seems to be a very serious warning that thesupply of drinking water might be disrupted time to time after

the completion of the Melemchi Project. It seems that the capital city should not rely on the

supply of drinking water from Melemchi. Millions of people of the capital city would not be able to live without drinking water till the problem of disruption of water supplies would be settled. The conservation of water in the Kathmandu Valley would suffice to meet the drinking water needs of the capital. The decision of the government to protect all the rivers of Kathmandu Valley from pollution has already opened the option of the possibility of using the river water as the source of drinking water for the people of the capital city.

V.P. Sayami, via e-mail


The disruption of the House has been going on for a long time now. On many occasions, the major political parties come

with the statements that they are near to a compromise to break the impasse, but they are unable to do so. This has immensely

disappointed the people of Nepal and caused much anxiety and distress. Because of the deadlock, the House has not been able function normally, as a result, there is doubt as to whether the budget will be passed. The

leaders of the political parties should show more concern for the welfare of the country and countrymen and shed their

petty partisan interests for the good of the nation by reaching consensus. Nepal is now

engaged in the drafting of a new constitution, and the people have high hopes pinned on it. Nepalese desire peace, security and a just society. In the

meantime, so far we see that

the leaders of the political parties in many cases have acted very

irresponsibly. The leaders should realize this and mend their ways for they would ultimately end up losing the trust of the people if they continue to act as they

have been doing now. They must take the people into confidence and mend their ways.

Dinesh Mandal, via e-mail