Dealing with climate change

Nepal is having the problem of landslides every year. However, climate change seems to have intensified the problem this year.

I would like to opine that the country should focus seriously on our efforts to minimize the

effects of climate change.

Planting selected trees in the vulnerable sites, evacuation of extremely dangerous

habitations, the control of the mining activities, strict discipline in logging and the management of floods should be priority

programmes of the government.

D.B. Sayami, via e-mail


I felt very sad to hear the news that government is trying to ban all the LPG three wheelers from Kathmandu valley. At a time when the government is not

being able to create an

environment to do other

business, and create

employment opportunities, and when more and more young

people are going abroad in quest of odds jobs, the decision is very much irresponsible. I don’t think those tempos have any adverse effect on the environment of the valley. In fact, the tempos are providing employment to

hundreds of people and,

moreover, poor and lower middle class people in Kathmandu are getting cheap transportation


This government is acting harshly on the people who are self-employed. The government is not ensuring the well- being of the citizens, in fact, they are busy doing otherwise. So, I would like to show my concern towards such decisions made by the

government that prevents people from working legally, and

earning. I would like to ask the government to make Nepal a

livable Nepal where all citizens can work freely.

Saurav Sharma, via e-mail

Rapid response

Landslides and floods caused by heavy rains killed at least 34

people in the far western districts of Nepal over the last 24 hours. Paddy planted on thousands of ropanis of land was damaged. Electricity and transport services have also been disrupted in these districts due to the incessant rainfall.

The government should send

a team of police force to serve the people and provide food and shelter for the displaced and

affected people. The slow

response of the government

may decrease the confidence of the people on the government.

It is the government’s

responsibility to look after,

and serve the displaced and

affected people. Being

concerned citizens of Nepal

it is also our responsibility to

do something for the victims.

So, let everyone start

doing something for them.

Roshan Kumar Jha, Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur

Be firm

This is reference to the news “Perpetrators of chakka jam to face legal action” (THT, October 8). Travelers embarking on long journeys by road have often been stranded because of roadblocks after traffic mishaps. Now there are arrangements for third party insurance that covers accidents on the highways. Should

accidents occur, the victims and their families receive


These days hardly any day passes by without reports of

accidents occurring in some highway or the other of the

country. Because of this, the

families of the victims often

resort to chakka jams. Now that the government has decided to take strict action against those blocking the highways, the

situation should improve.

However, the government should be strict about implementing this provision for, should they show any laxity, then the traffic would continue to get blocked.

All concerned should observe the laws of the land and those

violating them should receive due punishment. In the

meantime, the erring drivers should also not be left easily,

because many of the accidents are attributed to them. These

drivers should face stern action which would in a large way help prevent the accidents.

Kiran Basnet, Jorpati

Do better

We see political leaders engaging in bitter quarrels against each other in politics. They are even having a hard time playing

together, even in sporting events like the cricket match. Although they lost the match and failed to gain the appreciation from the spectators, they got another chance to regain the praises by brining to an end the cat and dog fights between the political

parties, and drafting the new constitution within the given time frame. Let’s hope when they play a cricket match next time, they come out with flying colors.

Orzo Raj Shrestha, via e-mail