Matter of shame

The Prime Minister and other ministers, as per the code of conduct, are required to make their property details public within seven days after taking oath of office. Several weeks have passed since the new government took office. However, none of them have bothered to submit their property details. It is a matter of shame that good governance, accountability and transparency in Nepal have often been limited to speeches only.

Ramesh Bahadur Shrestha, Good idea This is in reference to the news report “Road accidents on the rise in the valley” (THT, Nov. 4). Mismanagement of traffic in the capital leads to dozens of deaths annually. It has been learnt that the Metropolitan Police have proposed to the government that more flyovers and overhead bridges, especially in the downtown areas of the capital, should be constructed to avoid traffic jams and road mishaps. The government needs to accept the proposal as this would greatly help manage the capital’s chaotic traffic.

Manit Deokota, via e-mail


It has been learnt that several municipalities have not paid electricity bills for years now. Street lamps in many places are found to be fully lit in broad daylight while nobody seems to bother about the misuse of electricity. Many consumers, especially in the Tarai, are known to misuse electricity for all purposes and they still get away by paying the minimum charge. It is sad that though Nepal is known to be one of the richest countries in terms of water resources,

electricity charges are one of the most expensive. The Nepal Electricity Authority needs to control such leakages and stop extending load shedding hours.

Manoj Sah, Kathmandu


Apropos of the news report “Mahat accuses govt of promoting impunity” (THT, Nov 3), I agree with NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat that the government, by not punishing criminals and murderers, has promoted the culture of impunity.

Recently, Kali Bahadur Kham Magar, who was involved in the murder of Ram Hari Shrestha, has taken charge of the Chitwan-based Shaktihor camp. Allegedly, Magar was also seen among Defence Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa’s entourage last week. I also agree that there are hundreds of internally displaced Nepalis who have been living out of their homes as the government has not been able to create proper conditions for their safe return. The Maoist-led government must take this matter seriously.

Saurav Pokhrel, Baneshwor, Kathmandu


This refers to the news report “CIAA directs regional administrators to curb corruption” (THT, Nov 3). I am supportive of the decision of the Maoist-led government to reshuffle regional and district level administrators in order to be able to deliver efficient services to the people. The newly appointed regional administrators must strictly follow the guidelines of the CIAA and investigate graft cases under their jurisdiction. I hope that the devolution of authority to the regional level will considerably help control corruption.

Bipin Karmacharya, Biratnagar