Now, see it through

Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”, during the Civil Service Day on Sunday, reiterated his commitment to eradicate corruption from public service. As current laws are insufficient to punish the corrupt public servants, the Prachanda-led government should enact new laws to make good his promise. Chief Justice Kedar Prasad Giri has time and again

hinted at corruption in the judiciary. Currently, there is no effective law to punish corrupt judges. A new law that provides for the confiscation all properties of corrupt public servants would go a long way towards rooting out corruption.

Special tribunals should be established to review past verdicts of judicial courts and decisions of the district administration offices, land revenue offices, land survey offices and other

semi-judicial agencies. All properties confiscated should go to a fund to compensate those affected by illegal verdicts.

Land Reform and Management Minister Matrika Yadav has rightly stated that the disaster brought to the millions of people in India and Nepal by the Kosi River has, in large part, been caused by negligence of corrupt public servants in India and Nepal. These corrupt officials should be brought to justice. PM Prachanda should discuss this issue with his counterpart in New Delhi during his upcoming India visit.

D B Sayami, Kathmandu

Falling short

Politics is no doubt a game of one-upmanship, but it need not be as farcical as in Nepal. The CPN-UML, the political party which has sent defeated candidates to become ministers in the coalition government, has never tired of claiming to be a ‘party of principles’. At the same time, the CPN-Maoist which heads the government, is making new commitments every day, but it has not come clean on its earlier commitments to return private properties and demobilise YCL. The CPN-Maoist has to make public the amount of private and public lands it has seized and the private properties it has returned.

It is also getting difficult for Nepalis to accept that Prachanda is in complete charge of the CPN-Maoist and that YCL is a group of disciplined and law-abiding youths. YCL cadres should understand that its excesses only tarnish the image of the party heading the government and affect the process of establishing permanent peace in the country.

Adarsha Tuladhar,

via e-mail

Eco vehicles

Eco-friendly vehicles offer the best solution to the fuel crisis. Some time back, THT had published a report about the benefits of using ethanol, but extensive use of ethanol is unlikely as it will get costlier in the days ahead. Auto dealers, for their part, could start schemes to exchange fossil-fuel vehicles for eco-friendly ones.

Prajwal Rijal, Birat Campus

Call it off

We students of Banke district have already spent a week at home as the strike called by PABSON teachers continues for the second week. Their demand for an increase in salaries to bring them at par with government school teachers is not unjustifiable. Meanwhile, our studies are being hampered. Those concerned should think about our future and resume classes at the earliest.

Mandeep and Prashanna, Nepalgunj, Banke