Privatisation the right way

I completely agree with the news report “Privatisation proposed to ease fuel supply” (THT, Sept 2) which favours the privatisation of the government oil monopoly Nepal Oil

Corporation (NOC) to make it more effecient in import and distribution of fuel. So long as it remains in the hands of the government, neither its dirty bureaucracy will be cleaned up, nor Nepalis will be able to rid themselves of having to stand in never-ending queues for meagre

quantities of fuel.

Suman Dahal, Ghattekulo

All for one

Apropos of the news report “Little headway to check barrage erosion” (THT, Sept 2), the fast eroding Koshi embankments have made it difficult for technicians to continue with the repairs. Though much of the damage can be attributed to negligence of concerned

authorities of the two neighbours, it is no time to indulge in blame game. The Nepali and Indian teams should work in tandem to avert further damage.

Moreover, local authorities should support the government in providing relief to the flood victims.

Kohinoor Subedi, via email

Right talk

With respect to the news report “Yadav returns with Indian aid assurance” (THT, Sept 2), foreign minister Upendra Yadav, during his first vist to New Delhi in that capacity, has rightly raised the issue of amendment of 1950 Treaty. Also, the Koshi floods have hit both Nepal and India hard. The recent disaster could have been averted with timely intervention. The Koshi barrage and the surrounding embankments need immediate repairs.

Roshi Mool, via email

Sick victims

As had been feared, epidemics are breaking out in the camps housing flood victims “Post-deluge outbreak toll six” (THT, Sept 2). Accusations of indifference towards the sick flood victims have been levelled against local authorities. The death toll is likely to mount if concerned authorities do not take timely action to treat the sick flood victims.

Maheshwor Pradhananga, Kamalbinayak, Bhaktapur


The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body of the land. Exercising its costitutional powers, the SC had demanded a show cause from Vice-president Paramananda Jha for taking oath of office in Hindi.

However, Jha failed to turn up within the deadline. He has argued that the SC had no authority to nullify his oath “SC can’t intervene: Veep” (THT, Sept 2). The

present constitution clearly demands that the heads of state and ministers take their oath of office in the country’s official language. Jha cannot ride roughshod over the law of the land on bogus pretexts.

Krishna Bhandari,

via email

More money

This refers to the news report “Urgent reform must in judiciary: PM” (THT, Sept 2). The changed political context demands a reformed judiciary. Only an efficient judiciary can institutionalise the accomplishments of Jana Andolan II. The government must allocate more budget for the judiciary so that it will not need to seek funds from NGOs and INGOs.

Basanta Gautam, via email