CPN-M has the mandate

The CPN-Maoist leadership, after a bitter defeat in the presidential election, has been unwilling to form a new government as it claims to have lost the “moral right” to do so. Leading the new government would entail shouldering heavy responsibilities. The Maoists must accept the challenge to prove that they really do stand for progress and change and are ready to battle against all odds to achieve their objective. Nepalis have given them a clear mandate to lead the new government. They should respect it to facilitate the peace process.

Sundar Tiwari, Waling, Syangja

Jha’s blip

Apropos of the news report “Vice-President sad at the turn of events” (THT, July 30), Paramananda Jha’s clarification regarding his taking of oath of office in Hindi is appreciable. During his clarification, however, Jha also said that Hindi is the most common language in the Tarai. As a national cricketer and an inhabitant of Tarai, I have represented Nepal in many countries. I take great pride in being a Nepali and in speaking Nepali language. During my stint as a cricketer, I also found that Nepali is the most preferred language of

communication even in places where it is a second language. Could anyone please explain to Jha that Nepal consists of other regions besides Tarai?

Aamir Akhtar, Director, Shangri-La Cricket Academy

Healthy fun

This is in reference to the news report “Video game parlours — a hangout for City youths” (THT, July 21). Some children are indeed addicted to game parlours. But I don’t agree this is the reason behind their poor grades. Game parlours provide children with an escape from the drudgery of school assignments and a place to entertain themselves in a healthy setting. Are these children not better off than those into drugs and other anti-social activities?

Bipin Basnet, via e-mail


As a foreign student in Australia, I have been in constant touch with Nepali lawyers and

‘agents’ in Melbourne who assist students during their stay in Australia by helping them find the right college, proper accommodation and with their applications for permanent residency. While some lawyers have been helpful, others are totally unconcerned about the plight of Nepali students. All they care about is money. Some Nepali newspapers have praised the goodwill and helpfulness of professional agents in Australia. The newspapers should also write about unscrupulous agents who are cheating Nepali students.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia

Send Yadav

Apropos of the news report “Nepal questions Koirala’s move on SAARC meet” (THT, July 30), as Girija Prasad Koirala has already tendered his resignation from the post of Prime Minister, he should have sought the approval of other major parties whether to lead the Nepali

delegation in Colombo. Koirala no longer has the legitimacy to represent the country. As the new government has not been formed, President Dr Ram Baran Yadav would be the best substitute to lead the Nepali delegation.

Amol Acharya, via e-mail