Mandate for CPN-M

The major responsibility of the Constituent Assembly is to form a new government and draft a new constitution. The political parties, however, are forming and breaking alliances in order to suit their own narrow interests, instead of working to sketch a common agenda that would facilitate the transition of traditional feudalistic society into an inclusive democratic society.

As the single largest political party, the CPN-Maoist should have the first claim in the formation

of the new government. Although power distribution and system of checks and balances are necessary for democracy, it is unwise to distribute power in a manner that hinders smooth functioning of government machinery. The CPN-Maoist has a clear mandate of the people and they have the right to determine the structure of the new government.

Govind KC, Tokha, Kathmandu

First step

The election of Dr Ram Baran Yadav as the first president of Nepal is a matter of pride for all

peace-loving Nepalis. People now expect the new leaders to establish long-lasting peace and prosperity in the country. The new president should strive for unity and co-operation among

political parties in order to pave the way for a peaceful and prosperous new Nepal. Secondly, both the president and the vice-president belong to the Madhesi community. The need to be sensitive to people’s concerns is equally important. All Nepalis wish that the president succeeds in bringing radical socio-economic changes that Nepalis have long desired.

Tilak Poudel, USA


According to a recent World Bank report, corruption and impunity have been on the rise in Nepal. It was long ago when the Chief Justice pointed out the absence of effective laws as the main reason for corruption in courts. However, the CA seems unconcerned about this sorry state of affairs.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu


Vice-president Paramananda Jha taking oath of his office in Hindi drew widespread criticism. Many Nepalis took his showing up in his regional outfit, instead of the customary Daura Suruwal, as offensive. Also, it would have been more befitting for Jha to take his oath in his mother tongue, Maithali. But by disrespecting the official language, he has shown his disrespect to all Nepalis. Jha has every right to wear the outfit of his choice and speak the

language he chooses on other occasions, but not so at national events. Now that he has been elected Vice-president, it is his responsibility to maintain the protocol and decorum of his position.

Surendra Bajracharya, Vinchhebahal, Lalitpur


This is in reference to the news report “Foot track, the shortest route to link Hetauda, Kathmandu” (THT, July 25). The foot track linking Chitlang-Chandragiri of Makwanpur with Thankot has been in use since the Rana times. This is the historical trade route connecting India, Nepal and China: Kathmandu’s main link to the outskirts of the country until the Tribhuvan Highway was built in the mid-1950s.

Saroj Tandukar, via e-mail