Hold them accountable

This is in reference to the news report “Doctors on strike nationwide” (THT, July 10). Not long ago, Everest Nursing Home in Kathmandu was forced to pull down its shutters after irate relatives of a patient who died following an operation threatened to take action against the

‘irresponsible’ doctor.

According to reports, the patient died after undergoing an operation to remove gall stones. In

retaliation, the Nepal Medical Association (NMA) shut down services in hospitals and private clinics across the nation.

Thousands of patients were left at the mercy of God.

There have been numerous incidents when relatives and friends of patients have manhandled medical officers. However, doctors are human beings and they can make mistakes. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism to hold such erring doctors accountable.

In many countries, doctors pay heavy fines if found guilty of carelessness. Punitive action resulting in heavy financial losses could be the most effective measure to make doctors

responsible towards patients. On the other hand, the state must provide doctors a safe environment to work. Those who threaten medical practitioners by taking law into their own hands should be punished too.

Indra Rijal, Editor-in-chief, Rastriya Janamanch Weekly

Down a peg

As a long-time reader of THT, I feel your newspaper has lost some of its initial allure that made it the Number One English daily in Nepal. It gives more preference to international news as compared to local ones. THT should incorporate local articles and encourage Nepali

writers to write articles on issues that concern Nepalis.

Arjun Prasad Tiwari,

Butwal-9, Rupendehi

After the fact

Most people expected Dr Rambaran Yadav to break his political ties with Nepali Congress (NC) on being elected the first President of republican Nepal, “Dr Yadav quits NC” (THT, July 23). However, Yadav should have resigned as the general secretary of NC before filing his candidacy for the post. The presidential candidate should not be affiliated to any political party.

Surendra Bajracharya, Kathmandu


Women, janajatis and dalits, who jointly account for a large chunk of the present CA, have been ignored while nominating candidates for the top posts. It is likely that the same will happen during the formation of new government. Only a balanced representation of all communities in new government can serve the real purpose of the CA.

Sanu Kayastha, Benepa


Prachanda during the press conference called by CPN-Maoist on July 22 gave various reasons for breaking the party’s understanding with CPN-UML and MJF. Sadly, people have to take politicians at their word as they are kept in the dark about deliberations that took place inside closed doors. The politicians could speak to the media and divulge what happened if they chose to. There was a veil of secrecy surrounding the presidential election. The process of government formation should be more transparent.

Dwaipayan Regmi,