Right man at the helm

It’s a matter of happiness and pride for all Nepalis that Dr Ram Baran Yadav has been elected the first President of federal, democratic republic of Nepal. This epoch-making event marks the victory of democratic forces over their imperialistic foes. The democratic alliance of Nepali

Congress (NC), CPN-UML and Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum has, by electing a Madhesi president, rekindled hopes of building a united, peaceful and prosperous Nepal. I hope that Yadav’s steadfast resolve to safeguard national unity and territorial integrity will be taken in a positive light by all Madhes-based parties. But Yadav will also be expected to look after the interests of the Madhesi community to which he belongs.

Dhananjay Shah, via e-mail

Not serious

The unexpected victory of Dr Ram Baran Yadav in the presidential race seems to be in favour of “the democratic parties”. However, power-hungry politicians of the same parties do not seem serious about addressing the concerns of general public. As the new government will be formed shortly, it should look into issues that the past governments have ignored for years.

Paul Rai, Kathmandu

Own fault

The President being a ceremonial post, Nepalis expect President Dr Ram Baran Yadav to stand

for Nepali people and promote national interest, instead of a particular ideology or only the interests of a particular community. The Maoists should realise that it was due to their own greed for power that they lost.

Nevertheless, the Maoists should be pleased that their vision of presidential candidate from

marginalised community has materialised. On the question of whether the Maoists should join the soon-to-be-formed government, I suggest they do in order to facilitate the peace process. The people have given them a clear mandate to form the new government and to write a new constitution for the republic of Nepal.

Suman Dhakal, via e-mail


Nepali politics is going through uncertain times as alliances between major parties are continuously forged and broken. The CPN-Maoist says it will not lead the new government

after the defeat of its presidential candidate. It is, nonetheless, a moral victory for CPN-Maoist that a Madhesi candidate has been elected the first head of state of the republic. As the largest party in CA, the Maoists should get the chance to lead the new government of national unity. Consensus is a must for drafting the new constitution and for bringing the peace process to its conclusion.

Madhav Humagain, via e-mail


The Red Cross is an international organisation devoted to social service and helping people in difficult circumstances, from catering to those injured in wars, providing 24-hour ambulance service, first aid, to assisting the victims of natural disasters. The Red Cross symbol is unique and bears the identity of the organisation. However, this symbol is being misused in Nepal. The concerned authorities should prevent the unauthorised use of this hallowed sign.

Belief Neupane, via e-mail