Method to madness

This is in reference to the editorial “Flimsy basis” (THT, June 30). Though ‘One Madhes, one Pradesh’ had been the major demand of the Madhes movement, we finally settled for

autonomous Madhes region as flexibility was required to reach consensus. However, some undesirable elements, in order to foil the achievements of the Madhes movement, are inciting Tharu and Chure Bhawar communities to take to the streets. I believe that Madhes autonomy will serve to strengthen the goodwill and solidarity of the populace instead of sowing seeds of disintegration.

My attention has also been drawn by your assertion that Madhesi people are against the

demands of the Madhesi parties as Maoists have won more seats in Tarai than the Madhes-based parties. In the FPtP, Madhes based parties have won more seats across Tarai than the NC and the UML. As far as the Maoists are concerned, their candidates belong to the Madhesi community and they support Madhesi demands as well. Same is the case with the candidates from other parties.

Madhes-based parties have won 44 (42+2) seats in the FPTP while Maoists have won only 43 seats in 20 districts of the Tarai. Had the Madhesi parties fought the election as a single alliance, the outcome can be anyone’s guess. When other parties had picketed the

rostrum earlier, no one pointed fingers at them. We are as concerned about drafting a new constitution, but as long as our demands are not seriously addressed, there’s hardly much point in doing so.

Sanjay Kumar Shah, CA member, Dhanusha-4


This refers to the news report “Maoists render family homeless in Palpa” (THT, June 30). The peace agreement and the subsequent success of the Constituent Assembly polls are significant achievements for the Nepali people.

However, the activities of the major parties suggest that they have hardly any respect for the people’s aspiration that was expressed through the April movement. The Nepali people have

overwhelmingly supported the Maoists in the polls. The Maoists should now live up to the people’s expectations.

Milan Karki, via e-mail


Even as the CA polls were conducted successfully and Nepal is now on its way to drafting a new constitution, the emergence of communal parties demanding autonomy

suggests that Nepalis have lost tolerance. During the post-election period, people from various communities have been demanding their rights without realising their duties first. As Nepal stands on the threshold of a new era, the unified effort of Nepalis becomes imperative to lead the nation towards peace and progress.

Pooja Lama, via e-mail


Apropos of the news report “No end to House disruption” (THT, June 30), I am startled to see that none of the CA members are serious about bringing an end to the present political stalemate. Now that the leaders have already expressed their political commitment to implement the Feb 28 agreement reached between the government and the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF), the Madhesi

leaders should not make the issue a mountain out of a molehill.

Ken Subedi, Sunsari