We stand for Nepalis

Apropos of the news report “TV channels fuss over celeb kid Kamal” (THT, June27), the attention of Avenues Television has seriously been drawn by the accusations. As a

responsible news channel that stands for the nation, nationality and the people, we are committed to provide easy access of information to the public.

However, this does not mean we are going for cur-throat competition and filthy publicity stunts. It is beyond our imagination to try to hog public support on the sidelines of the acts of bravery of an innocent child. We had been covering the series of events leading to the rescue of Aradhana Pradhan by Kamal Nepali from the very beginning and shall continue to cover his story and other stories of bravery in future as well.

We repeat that this has not blurred our respect for the child and we hold his feat in high regard. We have respect for the rights of the child and shall never violate his rights for the mere sake of public ratings. We have opened a bank account in the name of Kamal Nepali to hold the graduation pledges from the extremely generous people and various organisations that are committed to ensuring a bright future for a brave child. The donations that have been received in the account and has been handed over to the child and his guardians amidst a function on June 29.

Avenues Television, Kathmandu


This is in response to the news report “Donations pour in for courageous

Kamal” (THT, June 26). The brave act of this lad from the hills is indeed an inspiration to all Nepalis.

It was no mean feat for a child his age to perform this great feat when all else failed. On the other hand he has also shown us that an act of bravery is always idolised.

Shekhu, via e-mail


We come from a country where we consider a white pigeon as a symbol of peace and worship a cow as our mother. It is also to be regretted that we also foster superstitions and sacrifice animals in the belief that our gods will be appeased. This practice among

Nepalis has become a serious concern for animal lovers and animal right activists.

The Constituent Assembly should make provisions in the new constitution

prohibiting brutal sacrifice of animals. Furthermore, the parliament should also make laws banning slaughtering of animals at public places.

Sabin Thapa, Galfutar, Kathmandu


When the eight-year-old Kamal Nepali has hogged the limelight for his act of sheer bravery, he has also taught something.

The small kid has shown that one need not be a politician to perform great feats. It makes me happy to see that there are persons like Kamal Nepali in our society who are ready to risk their own lives to save that of another person. If such children are provided with the right

education, who knows, they may one day put politicians to shame by leading the country in the right direction.

This small boy should be saluted by the entire Nepali people for his courageous act. Hats off to Nepali for making us all Nepali people proud.

Dwaipayan Regmi,