Complete fabrication

This is in response to the ‘Press Statement’ of ‘Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum’ published in THT on June 23. It states that the suppression of Chinese government resulted in the death of 209 Tibetans, while 1,000 were injured and another 5,972 arrested. This is totally groundless.

The Lhasa riot on March 14 was a criminal act involving violence against the people, looting and arson, masterminded and implemented by a handful of ‘Tibet Independence’

separatists aimed at sabotaging the Beijing Olympic Games at the instigation of Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Government-in-Exile’. It was not a ‘peaceful demonstration’ at all. The riot resulted in the death of 18 innocent people, and injuries to more than 300. Many schools and shops were smashed and burned. Local police exercised utmost restraint when dealing with the rioters.

One policeman died and more than 240 were injured, 23 critically, at the hands of the rioters. Hence the aforesaid press statement only distorts the facts. I would like to point out that the so-called ‘Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum’ is an organisation for ‘Tibet Independence’. It attempts to undermine China-Nepal friendly ties by calling itself ‘Nepal Tibetan Solidarity

Forum’. It engages in anti-China political activities and aims to split Tibet from China. Tibet has been an inalienable part of China’s territory since ancient times, which is a historical fact brooking no denial. Any attempt to split Tibet from China will get nowhere.

Shan, Spokesman, Chinese Embassy, Kathmandu


Burning of tyres is causing serious damage to our environment. Kathmandu is already polluted. It is a shame that even educated young people are indulging in this activity without the slightest concern for the environment. It seems as if our country (and some of our countrymen) has not yet taken the issues of pollution, global warming and greenhouse effect seriously.

Rhea Gurung, St. Mary’s High School, Jawalakhel

No respite

The struggle of Nepali

people seems to have borne no fruit. For a time being, the political parties acted as if they were all united and working for the benefit of the common people. But now they have shown their true colours again. When people are dying for lack of food and struggling to make their ends meet with the oil price hikes, it is a great shame that politicians are still busy fighting for power.

What big dreams had the Nepalis harboured about New Nepal? And this is what they get! At the end of the day, if all the politicians are working for the people, it

really does not matter who heads the government or how many ministerial posts the parties get. The political parties should instead focus their attention on fulfilling their promises to the people.

Thupten Namgyal,

Namgyal Higher Secondary School


As a Bachelor Level student of Tribhuvan University, I was very surprised to read that some M Ed examinees at Padma Kanya Campus resorted to vandalism when deprived of cheating. I though that the students of Master’s Level were more mature and obeyed rules and regulations. Apparently, that is not the case.

Sarad Chandra Dahal,

Modern Nepal College