Misplaced priority

The dream of republican Nepal has not been completely realised and the political parties are already at their old game of bickering over power sharing issues. The CPN-Maoist must realise that it takes two hands to clap. It cannot go about forming the government alone as it failed to garner a clear majority, let alone a 2/3rd majority in the CA polls. Proportional power sharing is the only way to resolve the current political impasse and consolidate a republican Nepal. The Maoists have done a lot for the formation of a new Nepal. But, it is selfish on their part to demand both the posts of president and PM. Mutual understanding and pooling together resources of all the important political players are vital at this point in time.

Dinesh Rijal, National Institute of Science and Technology

Yet again

Unavailability of textbooks at the start of academic year is a perennial problem in Nepal. Students, teachers and parents all have had to suffer for the shortcomings of Janak Education Materials Centre. Even though teachers can run classes without books, they have chosen to do nothing. The students, meanwhile, are wasting their valuable time in useless activities like watching TV and hanging out. Who will pay for the students’ loss of knowledge?

Parbati Dhungana,

via e-mail

No surprise

Apropos of the news report “India outplay Nepal 4-0 in SAFF C’ship opener “ (THT, June 4), a huge loss was something most Nepali football lovers were expecting as the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), because of nepotism and mismanagement, seems totally incapable of

delivering on its promise of improving the standard of football in Nepal. If Nepal is to do well in football, ANFA, first and foremost, should learn to keep its own house in order.

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail


I agree with Mana Prasad Wagley that both the MoES and school teachers deserved blame for their failure to run government-run schools on the pretext of textbook shortage, “Government schools” (THT, June 3). The JEMC, for its part, didn’t feel the need to publish the books on time. The teachers showed their incapability by copping out of their

responsibility of imparting education to their students. Don’t the people who hold top posts in education sector have a feeling of shame?

Khushi, via e-mail

Tough task

It is disheartening to learn that the kangaroo courts of CPN-Maoist are still in

operation, “Kangaroo court alive, kicking in Bhojpur” (THT, June 5). Establishment of parallel judiciary is a clear violation of the 12-point as well as subsequent agreements between the CPN-Maoist and the erstwhile Seven Party Alliance. The so-called “people’s court” is a mockery of the legitimate judiciary of Nepal. Will these extra-judicial bodies continue operating even after the Maoists take over power? People are equally intrigued about the future of the quasi-military YCL after the formation of the new government? If recent spate of YCL violence proves anything it is that democratising the lot will be a tall order for the Maoist leadership.

Ravi Shakya, via e-mail