Ominous sign

This concerns the news report “Maoists torch Prachanda’s effigy” (THT, May 10). I hope this incident is not a sign of the things to come. The Maoists made many promises to many quarters during the 12-year-long insurgency. Now that the former rebels are poised to lead the new government, all the promises made in the past will have to be fulfilled by the Maoist leadership.

This will not be an easy task considering the ethnic and cultural diversity of Nepal and the

compromises that may have to be made in fulfilling the needs of the disadvantaged groups. There will be more pressure on the Maoist leadership regarding jobs, education, social

welfare, service sector, among others.

The Maoists must see to it that no group is left behind in building a New Nepal. The burning of Prachanda’s effigy at Rautahat should be taken as a warning by the Maoists. The Dalits and Madhesis took to the streets this time around. Who knows, tomorrow it might be Bahuns and Chhetris who will cry foul over the ‘unfair’ allocation made for the less privileged groups.

Sharan Singh Khadka, Tokyo


Shame on the Myanmar

military rulers for going ahead with the referendum on new constitution even while most of the country lay submerged after a deadly cyclone last week that left over 100,000 dead. Polling booths were made in makeshift camps for the homeless as if the voters could be totally indifferent to the plight of those dying around them, with bodies of others floating in the muddy water.

What does the junta want to prove through this farce? If anything, such an act of callous neglect of the people is only going to earn the ruling junta more bad press and international


Sanjita Luintel, via e-mail

Stop it

I hope the circus that is the disappearance saga of Nepal Sadbhawana Party (A)

president Anandidevi Singh will end soon, “Anandidevi to show up in days: Kin” (THT, May 10). There is much more going on than meets the eye.

Isn’t it interesting that only Shyam Sunder Gupta should have any knowledge of Anandidevi’s

whereabouts while all the others in the party remain unaware? The whole episode smacks of political gamesmanship. It is sad that an old, frail widow should be the victim of a

fiasco that she had no intention to be a part of in the first place.

Ranjit Shrestha, Lalitpur


A thrilling season of England’s top-flight football competition, the English Premiere League, is coming to an end, “Grant promises United a fight” (THT, May 7). By the time this letter is

published, either Chelsea or Manchester United will have been crowned the

champions of England. To add spice to the exciting season, the same two teams are vying for Champions League title, the top prize in European football. Kudos to all the teams and managers who have made this season a treat for all football fans.

EPL is arguably the best football league in the world now. By the look of things, it will get even better in the years to come. I am already looking forward to another year of

scintillating football.

Ashok Karmacharya, Mandikhatar, Kathmandu