Embracing ignominy

This concerns the news report “Achham village women yearn for HIV-infected tag!” (THT, May 4). It is a great pity that women of remote villages in Nepal want to be declared HIV-infected to get the benefits accompanying the tag — all because the majority of these women

are so poor that they are unable even to meet their basic needs. The main slogan of the National Planning Commission has been reducing poverty. Various INGOs, NGOs, donors, ADB, IMF, WB are all here to assist Nepal climb out of poverty. But poverty, despite

government records to the contrary, only seems to be growing if incidents like this are anything to go by. Where does all the money go?

Obviously, the corrupt in the bureaucracy gobble up a huge slice of anti-poverty funds. The anti-poverty drive will be meaningless unless corruption in government establishments is checked.

Dr Ramesh Neupane, Mahankal, Bouddha

May Day

The 119th May Day was recently celebrated nationwide, calling for protection of the rights of workers. Workers’ role in industrialisation and capital formation cannot be underestimated. The country needs to formulate a proper Labour Law to streamline business operations, protect workers’ interest, attract more investment and lure back Nepali workers toiling abroad. For long-term economic growth, a conducive and amicable environment needs to be created between industrialists and workers. The Labour Act 2002 should be amended with a view to liberalising the labour market.

Subash Dahal, via e-mail

Half good

This is in response to the news report “Maoist assault teacher” (THT, May 5). It seems some Maoist cadres still love violence. Why would they want to attack a schoolteacher? The incident in Kawasoti VDC, Nawalparasi, gives a lie to the Maoist claim of renouncing violence. Nonetheless, it was a welcome gesture on the part of Maoist Kawasoti VDC in-charge to apologise for the misconduct of his party’s cadres.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne

Junk food

Most advertisements on junk food target children. Yet the Ministry of Health and Population does not seem to be the least bothered about this. Junk food lacks vitamins, minerals and

essential fatty acids that the body needs. When ads on alcohol can be banned on broadcast media, why cannot the same be done in the case of junk food?

Smriti Pokhrel, Lokanthali


I am very happy to hear that Nepal Telecom is introducing ADSL (Asymmetric Digital

Subscriber Line) for its valued customers. ADSL is a modern and proven technology for broadband data service all over the world. It is a service that uses local telephone lines for high-speed internet connection at an affordable rate. I have waited long for this service. Hopefully, now I will be able to access internet anytime, anywhere. ADSL is indicative of

the great progress Information Technology has made in Nepal.

Tsering Tashi Gurung, Swoyambhu