Maoist mantra

Given the dismal state of Nepal’s economy, the future government under the CPN-Maoist, has no option but to encourage private and foreign investment. But welcoming investment is tantamount to accepting capitalism. It remains to be seen if the Maoists can embrace liberal economic policy. Part of the Maoist success was due to the legions of unemployed youth in rural Nepal joining Maoist militia willy-nilly.

The comrades must be well aware that the only way to develop the country is to strengthen its economy and create new jobs. The Maoists need to start an economic revolution and show some progress on the fiscal front before the general election.

B P Badal, Lamatar,


Our duty

Many people think that building New Nepal is that it is solely the responsibility of political leadership. Does the people’s responsibility end with casting the ballots every five years or so? Of course not. Common Nepalis and political leaders should work in unison to

realise the mandate of Jana Andolan II.

Shiva Neupane,


Action, please

The outcome of CA polls hints at tremendous level of political awareness among Nepalis. The verdict is punishment for the leaders who have refused to change their errant ways. People wanted change. The Maoists stepped up to the plate. But how will they fare at the head of the government? They need to set themselves apart from the rest of the political parties through concrete actions.

Bhaskar Khanal,Gulmi

Eco page

I would love to see THT dedicate a page to the ever-important issue of global warming/ greenhouse effect on a weekly/fortnightly basis. The page could include information about global initiatives against global warming and the role of NGOs and INGOs working in the field in Nepal.

Nabin Bajracharya,

via e-mail

Change at top

First, the calm and collected K K Joshi took over the reins of FNCCI, beating out the shrewd and eloquent C R Dhakal and his team of candidates. This election was a clear signal that the business community wanted change and someone who could deliver results, not lectures. The historical constituent assembly election followed soon after by voting the Maoists in. A desire for change has been widespread.

Congratulations to both Joshi and Prachanda. The two must learn from their predecessors how not to govern. They should learn from past mistakes. They should not show arrogance and overconfidence. Both have a huge responsibility of bringing the country out of the economic morass.

Dorji Tsering Sherpa,

via e-mail

Larger goal

In this critical phase in country’s history, all political forces need to join hands and work towards drafting an inclusive constitution that leaves no section of the country out. In a contest, there will always be a winner. The parties should keep their eyes on the

ultimate goal of creating a new Nepal by rising above their petty interests.

Ram P Aryal, via e-mail