Be wary of dangers

This is in reference to the news report “CA election will see a sea of observers” (THT, March 3). It is evident that international organisations have keenly been watching the political process in Nepal. The agreement between the United Madhesi Democratic Front (UMDF) and the government has raised hopes that the CA polls will be conducted on schedule. However, there still are many outfits which do not want the polls to take place and are attempting to hinder the ongoing peace process by spreading violence and communal hatred in several parts of the country. The SPA government should be wary of such groups and the

possible harm they can cause to the CA election.

Aashika Pokharel,

via e-mail


This refers to the news report “Time to give land to landless: Nepal” (THT, March 2). Though agrarian reforms were proposed decades ago, the landless farmers have hardly been the real beneficiaries. The government should provide land to the landless farmers so that they can earn their livelihood independently. Furthermore, the government should also launch campaigns to train them to follow modern methods of agriculture. It would not only maximise agricultural productivity of the country but would also help uplift farmers’ living standard.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia

Great idea

The inclusion of a page “Nepal Decides” in The Himalayan Times is really praiseworthy. News media can play a big role in making the CA polls a success by disseminating valuable

information to the public. The information provided on the page can greatly help people to distinguish between political parties and cast their votes for the party of their choice.

Subash Dahal,

via e-mail


This concerns the editorial “Murky Waters” (THT, March 3). The new water purification technology, Solvaten, as has been proven by the study, is effective in filtering big particles and other toxins present in contaminated water.

However, it would be better if the general public knew whether the technology is

effective in removing bacteria such as e coli, clostridium, campylobacter that infect people with dangerous diseases. A majority of the water purification technologies are not effective in purifying water and removing life-threatening virus. The new water purification

technology should be more effective than the conventional purification techniques like boiling. The government should launch the new technology as soon as possible.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha, India

Ban them

Apropos the news report “Aware of harm, Valley folks still use polythene bags” (THT, March 1), it is appreciable that THT is concerned with environment-related issues. It is sad that even conscious people ignore issues that can pose dangers in the future. Plastic bags may be cheap and convenient but the harm they can cause is immense.

The government should put a ban on the use of plastic bags.

Rhea Gurung, Sheetal Marg, Maharajgunj