Significant achievement

The agreement between the government and the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) is indeed a significant achievement for the Madhesi community, and of course, Nepalis at large, as it has brought an end to the standoff that could obstruct the CA polls. The supporters of the Madhesi agitation deserve the credit for making it a success. All political parties should prepare for the polls with all the energy and enthusiasm.

Dhananjay Shah, Kirtipur


Though the CA election is less than forty days away, not many political parties have published their manifestos. In such a situation, people would hardly have time to understand and

discriminate between the positions of political parties contesting the election on important issues. The parties hould make economic liberalisation their main agenda as a high rate of unemployment is behind the rise in criminal activities in the country. This is also necessary to expedite the economic growth of the country.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu


The political unrest and violence in the Tarai came to an end with the government agreeing to meet the demands of the United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF). People in the Tarai finally have heaved a sigh of relief that now they will not have to see any more bandhs and closures that crippled life in the Tarai and elsewhere for weeks.

However, the government still has miles to go in that its true success lies in the

activation of democratic institutions and an elected parliament by holding the CA election in a free and fair atmosphere.

Bashanta Paudyal,

via e-mail


After mounting pressure from the agitating groups in the Tarai, the government finally agreed to meet the demands raised by the Madhesi outfits. However, the government now faces the critical challenge of maintaining law and order in the country and the establishment of permanent peace. Now that it has succeeded in settling most of the political disputes, it should ensure the supply of basic necessaries, because shortages have hit the public hard for months now.

Raman Jha, via e-mail

Great deed

The general perception among the people was that the Nepal Police were incapable of controlling criminal activities and violence in the country. However, the recent feats of the Nepal Police are proof that they are capable of maintaining law and order provided that the

government and politicians co-ordinate with them. The arrest of the kingpin of the kidney racket, Dr Amit Kumar, and his accomplice is a good example of police effectiveness.

Dev Raj Adhikary, Nepaltar


Though the government claims that the normal supply of petroleum products has resumed,

people still have to stand in long queues at the gas stations to get petroleum products. Moreover, people still face the shortage of other basic necessaries. The government should do all it can to end the crisis and bring life back to normal.

Nischal Poudyal, via e-mail