Need of a statesman

With a number of political parties being formed to promote communal interests in the country, I wonder if the country, which was united by the great leader Prithvi Narayan Shah, is not once again on the verge of being divided along communal lines.

Furthermore, I am surprised that the SPA government, despite its promises to hold the election on schedule, has not been able to address the most pressing public

concerns, let alone resolve other pressing issues. While the possibility of a free and fair election appears to me a distant possibility, I do not believe that the leaders

currently running the government are capable of steering the country out of the troubled waters. In my opinion, what the country needs above all else is a capable statesman, who is committed to address the concerns of the nation rather than a particular group or


Santosh Kalwar,

Ratnanagar-04, Tandi


For the first time in the democratic history of Nepal, Nepalis will get a chance to frame their own constitution by electing their representatives to the Constituent Assembly. It was encouraging to see that the political parties were ready to implement the mandate of the people in the upcoming polls. However, some of the major parities, especially the CPN-Maoist, have created confusion among the people by asking people to vote for the first president of Nepal. The main objective of the polls is to frame a new constitution for a new Nepal and not to vote for a president.

Indeed, Nepal’s 238-year old monarchy, would, for the first time, be put to vote, but Nepal is not yet a republic. By asking people to vote for president of New Nepal, political parties have

confused the common people about the objective of the CA election.

Ashish Nepal, Maitidevi, Kathmandu

Let down

The non-availability of fuel and other necessaries has made the lives of the common people throughout the country miserable. It was with the greatest hope that people following the April movement gave political parities the mandate to hold the CA polls.

However, the SPA’s inability to hold the election twice earlier and its failure to persuade the agitating political parties in the Tarai that have come in the way of the peace process have disappointed Nepalis. In fact, it appears as if the leaders are only prolonging their stay in the government and are the least bothered about addressing the common concerns of the public. If the government fails to conduct the polls yet again, fall of the SPA

government is inevitable.

Bivek Dhakal, via e-mail

Time to act

While the continual bandhs have brought life in the Tarai to a standstill, people in

other parts of the country, especially in the capital, are facing an acute shortage of petroleum products and other necessaries. Sadly, the SPA leaders have not engaged themselves in meaningful talks with the leaders of the Madhesi outfits to resolve the Tarai crisis.

If the government fails to take immediate steps to normalise the deteriorating situation, it might once again fail to keep its promise of holding the CA polls on schedule and lose public confidence permanently.

Atma Ram Yadav, via e-mail