A creativeexpenditure

PM Madhav Kumar Nepal’s speeches probably touches almost all issues related to the people’s demand. Beforehand, his newly appointed Finance Minister Surendra Pandey had said that he would think about providing allowance to the unemployed citizens. Is it possible to provide allowances for all the unemployed? How long does it remain/apply? Is this a creative expenditure? If so, it is really an honorable act.

Otherwise, it will only prove to be heap popularity for the new government ruining the creativity of the young generation.

However, they have to continue the good programmes of the past government like vocational training and financial support for the backward community. The government should emphasize practical and sustainable programs rather than cheap popularity.

Mahesh Luitel, Koteshwor, 35


The people are beginning to wonder what is going to happen next. The misunderstanding between the different political parties is one of the major causes. The people have elected the CA for the construction of a new constitution according to their wish. But the leaders have forgotten their responsibilities and are busy forming and pulling down the government. More than a year has elapsed after the constitutional assembly election, but the constitution is yet to be written.

People have not realized peace and security. Clashes between youths of various political parties have brought insecurity. The armed gangs in the Terai and hills have made the situation worse.

Manoj Mehta, Sinamangal

Church attack

The bombing of a church was really horrible. What had the innocent victims done? Such attacks are the acts of cowards. The Defense Army has been creating terror since long. But where are the concerned authorities? When banks are robbed, the police bring the robbers out. But when such bombings take place why are they silent?

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar


The new government is sure to be embroiled in a difficult course ahead fraught with several challenges and hardships. Its longevity and success hinges on how the Maoists present themselves as the opposition and to what extent the accords of CPN-UML with other small parties will be addressed and how long their conglomeration stays intact. Madhav Nepal, therefore, needs sound craftsmanship to steer the volatile political course in the desired direction. In need of consensus, he has to show his ability to mend relationships with the Maoists and to keep the closeness with other parties sound to help the peace process. He has got the much-awaited prime ministerial berth when the nation is in a very complicated situation. He has to show if his life-long political experience will pay.

Prakash Sparsha, Jhiljhile, Jhapa


I was extremely impressed by your audio and/or video advertisement. As per the visionary words on this jingle, THT is instilling in us the power to vie with this highly competitive world via its news, views, reviews, career-cues and more.

I suggest to THT team to annex a page as “College Times” that would undoubtedly make THT the best newspaper for college-goers and others alike.

Ajita Bhujel, Bhaktapur


The deadlock in the formation of the full fledged cabinet due to the leaders’ horse-trading and bargaining to land lucrative ministerial berths is one more glaring example that they care for their own benefits first and foremost than for the country and the people. Their greedy attitude is sure to continue to hold the country to ransom in the future coalition governments too. There is a

need to greatly limit their squabbles for the ministerial posts by introducing some sort of logical principles and mathematical bases in the future Constitution.

Ramesh Bdr. Shrestha, via e-mail


This is in reference to the news “Govt’s bid to revive monarchy”, (THT, May 30). I am dumbfounded to see the political rigmarole in our country. There is no country where leaders get so many chances to become a Prime Minister and influential political figures. Despite this, the leaders are not seen to be decent and honest. In each and every step of theirs there is dirty politics.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne,Australia.