A salute to our friend

The dreadful bomb blast on May 23 was totally a merciless trespass to be committed by some intelligent beings, so called ‘’humans’’. The St. Mary’’s School family is greatly grieved by the untimely demise of its student Celeste Joseph.

Whoever were responsible for planting the bomb, needs to realize that their sinful deed has taken three lives, left a dozen crippled and made hundreds of other lives breathe a half dead existence. Please stop these violations that too in the name of such a holy word ‘’religion’’. Little decisions can save or ruin numerous dwellings and beings.

Rajina Bajracharya, Swechhya Shrestha, St. Mary’’s SchoolVision

The PM has talked in length about his vision of Nepal in twenty years’’ time. I am of the opinion that the dreams of the PM is hard to predict. Besides, the people have not mandated the current CA to plan a twenty years’’ program.

It would be better if the PM assures the people that the pain of corruption and impunity in all the agencies of the state would be discouraged. The requirement to declare properties by the ministers does not seem to have any effect. It is only to cheat the people. An urgent law that makes provisions for the confiscation of all the properties of the corrupt ministers and job holders (corrupt public servants) at all the organs of the state would be extremely important. Any minister or public servant found to be doing anything contrary to the existing laws should be labeled as corrupt in the eyes of the law.

V.P. Sayami, via e-mail


This is reference to the news “Central zoo bans plastic bags”, (THT, June 5). It is a very appreciable and admirable act of the country’’s only zoo to ban plastic bags within its premises. I wish this will bring awareness among those who prefer polythene plastic bags even to carry small commodities. The consumption of such plastic bags should be banned within the country and not only the zoo .The shopkeepers should be encouraged to sell and to persuade consumers to use environment friendly bags instead of polythene plastic bags for far better results in terms of controlling environment degradation and pollution.

Ramesh Jung Karki, Balaju

Fair play

The prestigious Inter-school Coca-Cola Cup is running throughout the country. And for winning this many schools have been adding some overaged

students in their squad. And it is disturbing the competition. So, the schools should think about fair play not just to win, and the organizers also should apply

the age limit strictly for the

players to play.

Niranjan Udas, Pokhara


The rift within the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF) over joining the UML-led government reached a crescendo virtually splitting the party into two groups. One is being led by

chairman Upendra Yadav and the other by parliamentary party leader Bijay Kumar Gachhadar. Organizing a press meet Saturday, Yadav said Bijay kumar Gachhadar along with six other leaders Sarat Singh Bhandari,

Jitendra Narayan Dev, Rameshwor Raya Yadav, Ram Janam Chaudhari, Upendra Kumar Jha and Rameshwor were expelled from the party and accused them of indulging in anti-party activities. The party should also punish them because they are also challenging the party supremacy. PM Madhav Kumar Nepal , the Nepali Congress (NC) and the CPN-UML are responsible for this. They wanted to split the MJF to serve their vested interests.

Roshan Kumar Jha, Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur


It is a pity that the complete

cabinet has not emerged yet. The leaders of all parties are only fighting for the ministerial berths rather than paying attention to the country’’s problems. Under the circumstances, the constitution cannot be drafted in time. It is almost every day that there are demonstrations and bandhs.

The cost of daily items is rising. The education sector is suffering. It is expensive for students to live in Kathmandu. People are saying that Nepal is without a government worth mentioning. We see human rights violations and

victims do not get justice. The democratic parties are also violating human rights. Cadres of political parties are free to do anything. Journalists, doctors, human rights activists, etc. are not provided security by the state.

Krishna Ghimire, Dhanda Maindam-5