Missed opportunity

Apropos of the news report “House session put off by 12 days” (THT, Oct. 17), it is frustrating to know that the SPA has once again failed to come to an agreement on the issue of declaration of a republic and proportional representation system of election. This

failure to take the peace process forward has once again exposed their inefficiency and inability to handle political affairs.

Instead of postponing the parliamentary session on the pretext of lack of consensus, the parties should have accepted the Maoist proposal that the parliament vote to declare the country a republic. If the political parties really believe in democratic principles, they should have no problem in accepting the majority vote of the parliament and acting accordingly. If the seven party alliance continues postponing parliament sessions, the alliance is likely to lose the public faith.

Rameswor Koirala,

via e-mail


Girija Prasad Koirala should have taken moral responsibility for the postponement of the CA polls for a second time and put in his papers. As that has not happened, those of us who were on the streets during Jana Andolan II, have to put pressure on the respective parties and party workers to be more accountable to the people. It is ridiculous that after

having failed to build a consensus, the leaders are now busy playing the blame game.

Koirala, for his part, should not have been so adamant in his stance. He should keep the interests of the common Nepalis uppermost in his mind than trying to save his Prime

Ministership. The best move for the PM now would be to resign and for the SPA to pass the resolution to declare Nepal a republic and hold constituent assembly elections on proportional basis. Though the leadership has failed, leaders at the lower levels of political

parties should come up with the right solutions to take the peace process forward.

Mahendra M Sakya,

via e-mail


It is heartening that Nepalis residing in foreign countries are finally showing interest in investing in business ventures in Nepal. The government, on its part, should not waste any time in offering Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) dual citizenship and tax exemption so that they are further encouraged to make investments. In fact, Nepal has a tremendous potential and NRN investment would contribute to the development of the country of their origin. It would also generate more income for the Nepali economy.

However, I wonder if the politicians will be able to set their interests aside for the benefit of the whole country.

Dorji Tsering Sherpa,

Galfutar, Kathmandu

Bank notes

This is in reference to the letter “Save bank notes” (THT, Oct. 18). I support the writer that Nepalis should abstain from smearing bank notes with vermilion, which is used while offering

blessings during Dashain. In fact, nowhere in the Hindu scriptures is it written that bank notes should be used while exchanging greetings during the festival. It would indeed save the country a huge amount of money by making frequent re-printing of notes unnecessary.

Shiva Neupane,

Melbourne, Australia