Crossing the line

This refers to the news report “Prachanda warns of split in 7-party tie-up” (THT, Oct. 10). The Maoists have warned that they will pull out of the seven-party alliance if the special session of the parliament does not resolve the prevailing political crisis in the country. However, the Maoists are ignoring the fact that the interim parliament does not enjoy the mandate of the people to make far-reaching decisions. The alliance cannot violate the provisions of the Interim Constitution time and again and impose their decisions. The special session should not breach the interim parliament’s jurisdiction in coming up with new solutions.

Ramesh Neupane, Mahankal

Lax laws

This is in reference to the letter “Rule of law” (THT, Oct. 10). The public feels extremely sorry for the family of the murdered child. However, it is sad that people are taking the law into their own hands due to the perceived failure of the law-enforcement agencies to punish the culprits. The murder of Dhiraj Adhikari is not a one off incident. Many such incidents go unnoticed because they do not get media coverage. The guilty must be brought to book and strict laws drafted so that murderers cannot escape.

Deepak Thapa, Lagankhel, Lalitpur


This refers to the news report “Abducted child’s body found” (THT, Oct. 9). Whatever may be the reason behind the killing of Dhiraj Adhikari, such a heinous crime is unforgivable. The little child had nothing to do with the dispute between two neighbours.

The murderer should be given harsh punishment so as to deter other criminals from committing such crimes in the future. Finally, one can only wish God gave the bereaved family the strength to cope with the tragedy.

Manit Deokota, Ratopul

Young blood

The failure of the seven party alliance to hold the constituent assembly elections for the second time has proven that the coalition needs a leadership change.

The failure to bring the peace process to a logical end has made it necessary for the young

generation leaders play a more active role and lead the country towards a bright and prosperous future. This is even more important at a time when the SPA failure

has allowed foreign elements to meddle in Nepal’s politics.

Bal Krishna Ghimire, Arghakhanchi

Road travel

With Dashain just round the corner, people have started leaving for their villages and hometowns. However, passengers travelling by bus have been facing various hassles.

The problem of overcrowded buses has been a perennial one during Dashain. Add to that the threats of general strikes and bundhs, which are so unpredictable that passengers instead of being with their families during the festivities might be spending their holidays on the highways. The authorities concerned need to take some concrete steps to make travelling easier at least during big festivals like Dashain and Tihar when people scramble to go to their villages and towns.

Dwaipayan Regmi, Biratnagar