More to oil crisis

In spite of multiple promises of the government to address the oil crisis ‘soon’, the line of vehicles at petrol pumps has only been getting longer. The Nepal Oil Corporation’s inability to pay the outstanding dues to its Indian counterpart (Indian Oil Corporation) is only half the story. In the run-up to assembly polls, maybe Nepal’s neighbour wants to send a clear message how heavily dependent the Nepalis are on it. This may have political


The public hopes that our politicians understand that they need to take firm and right stands on issues vital to the interests of Nepal and the Nepalis. But, to do this, they should remain united. Then only can they resolve the present crisis and fulfil the mandate of Jana

Andolan II.

Kedar P Badu, Gongabu, Kathmandu

Support them

This is in reference to the news report “Monasteries sealed, Net gagged in Myanmar” (THT, Sept. 29). It is sad that several monks have lost their lives fighting for the rights of Burmese people. The junta seems to have gained control with its brutal crackdown on protestors. It has also sealed off monasteries, shut down internet services in order to suppress the movement.

The Burmese people need the support of the international community in their fight for democracy.

I request all the monks, nuns and Buddhists of Nepal to come out in the open and express their support for the Burmese people’s movement.

Karma Chophel Lama, Chakrapath, Kathmandu


Apropos of the news report “Mahato torches EC verdict copy, held” (THT, Sept. 28), it is shameful that Rajendra Mahato, who professes to be the advocate of the rights of Madhesi people, has given priority to his own interests. In fact, Madhesi groups have just become an excuse for many politicians to further their personal interests. Leaders like Mahato have neither the confidence of the Madhesi people nor the foresight to fight for their rights.

Rajib Kumar Deo,


Much ado

There has been unnecessary hullabaloo in Nepal about Prashant Tamang being crowned the Indian Idol. I wonder why a reality show celebrity, who by mere coincidence happens to

be a Nepali-speaking Indian, should be given so much importance. It is even more surprising that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala who hardly has time for the leaders of the parties represented in the interim government or for many important national issues finds time to meet people like reality show celebrities.

Urmilla Lama, Kathmandu

Wrong stance

Apropos of the news report “Maoists decide stir will go on (THT, Oct. 1), it is very sad that the Maoists are unyielding in their stance and are ready to take to the streets. Even after the Election Commission fixed new dates for filing nomination papers for the candidates, the Maoists seem to be in no mood to contest the Constituent Assembly elections. This shows that they do not have the confidence that they will get the voters’ support in the elections.

Samekh Sakya, via e-mail