Hard times for Nepal

It is disgusting to read about the frequent bandhs in the Tarai. I do not believe that the government is doing enough to address the underlying issues behind the strikes. That said, I also do not understand what the political outfits calling for these bandhs and jams want to achieve. Who is benefiting from all this?

If the government does not take some concrete steps to address the crisis, there is a danger that the situation will spin out of control.

Time is ripe for both sides to come to the negotiating table and reach an agreement aimed at national development and building a new Nepal.

People like me who live abroad feel very sad to read about the deteriorating law and order situation in Nepal. And no event was more saddening than the recent round of bombings inside Kathmandu. Lastly, I would like to urge the media to help the government create a peaceful climate in the country. The political parties should also rise above their petty interests for the greater national cause.

Sumit Gupta, via e-mail


Apropos of the news report “CJ nominee fails parliamentary hearing” (THT, Sept. 12), differences of opinion amongst the major parties regarding the appointment of Kedar Prasad Giri as Chief Justice are not only reflective of the lack of consensus among the ruling parties but also unnecessary and excessive political interference in the judiciary. If the parliament is not confident about Giri’s integrity, why does it not initiate the process of impeachment against him? This sort of political interference definitely goes against the independence of the judiciary.

Dr Ramesh Neupane, Mahankal


The progress that Nepal has made in the field of telecommunications in the last few years has been remarkable. Not only have telecommunication networks reached far-flung regions of the country, but the cost of calls has also come down drastically.

However, telecom service providers have not been able to maintain the same standard when it comes to customer care services. Even round-the-clock customer care services should not be a tough task with the kind of expertise and tools available.

Manoj Thapa, via email


It is inexplicable that the Number One English daily in the country is not providing any coverage of the ongoing Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup, which kicked off on September 11. Cricket fans and other regular readers of THT like me are sad that an event which has already created such international hoopla has been ignored. Cricket is a game which has a huge fan following in the country. THT should realise this and start covering the event right away.

Deepak Koirala, via email


I have been a huge fan of Hi Lama’s “Just in jest” column for a long time. The column provides a refreshing break from the monotonous news reports and tasteless antics of overexuberant celebrities. Though some of the jokes are over the top, most are digestible and yet extremely witty and sarcasm-filled. Keep up the good work.

Subash Sighdel, via e-mail