Polls still possible

The peace process in Nepal is progressing in fits and starts amid the wave of violence in Tarai by various Madhesi armed groups and in urban areas by the unionists affiliated with different political parties. Still, the CA polls may be held on November 22.

To understand why the elections are still possible, various factors should be considered.

First, the hardcore Madhesi armed groups do not enjoy as broad public support as is commonly assumed. Even today, a large section of the population in Tarai have great faith in peaceful politics and back mainstream political parties. The influence of rebel outfits is often blown out of proportions whenever they engage in ‘spectacular’ violent acts like the killing of government officials of Hill origin. But these incidents are few and far between and should not be given undue importance.

Second, the majority of Nepalis, irrespective of their castes and creeds, are in favour of CA polls on time though they might have differences regarding the exact electoral process. A direct witness to gory incidents in the last decade, most are simply sick and tired of violence and want nothing more than live in a peaceful environment, which is possible only through free and fair CA polls. There is just no other option.

What is needed is a determined leadership that can keep moving on the long and tortuous road despite countless hurdles.

A leadership that can focus on the broader picture rather than one that refuses to see beyond what is visible through their myopic lens.

Satish Rokka, via e-mail


The clashes between the members of two student unions in Kathmndu this week are acts of sheer stupidity. This is a portrayal of what Nepalis are not supposed to be. Nepalis are renowned the world over for their humble, kind, patriotic and hospitable nature, which is why so many tourists flock to Nepal. The peak tourist season starts from September. Is this the kind of behaviour we want to put on show for foreign tourists? And how about stopping attacks on free press, hotels and other private infrastructure for politically motivated


Sabin Thapa, Sr executive, AmaDablam Adventure Group

Well put

Apropos of the news report “Polls must: Mukherjee” (THT, August 16), Indian ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee’s suggestion that constituent assembly polls must be held on

November 22 and that India is ready to offer assistance during the polls is quite encouraging. No constituent of the eight party alliance can give up its responsibility of holding the CA polls by citing Tarai unrest as an excuse.

Shikhar Dahal, Sukkedhara


This is in reference to the news report “ANNISU-R effects peak-hour chakkajam” (THT, August 16).The pro-Maoist student union showed its utter lack of concern for common

people by staging chakkajams at peak hours in the capital. The police administration should not under any circumstances succumb to Maoist threats. Strict action should be taken against anyone who disturbs law and order.

Diwakar Khanal, Kalanki