Maoists not keen on polls

This is in reference to the news report “Prachanda backtracking on Nov 8 pact: Poudel” (THT, August 5). The report reinforces public belief that the Maoists are against holding constituent assembly polls. The issue of the electoral system and republican set-up had already been settled during the November 8 agreement. Now Prachanda’s disagreement over the once settled issue would only raise public doubts over the Maoists’ intent. It would be in the interest of all Nepalis if the former rebels helped hold the CA polls in November rather than

obstruct the CA process with pre-conditions.

Amol Acharya, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur

Public stunt

Programmes to raise relief funds for various purposes have become a common practice in the capital these days. Such a campaign has now started with the objective of helping the

present flood victims in the Tarai. It is really praiseworthy that people from various sectors are collecting funds and contributing their bit to help flood victims. Even celebrities and public figures are pitching in. However, some of them give the impression that they are

participating in relief efforts just to gain publicity and not out of genuine concern for the victims. Whenever celebrities or public figures decide to do philanthropic work, it should come from their hearts. They should not be seen to be doing public stunts.

Abijit Sharma, Dhapasi, Kathmandu

New anthem

The new national anthem praises Nepali people and reiterates the fact that they are completely sovereign. The sovereignty of Nepalis had never before been presented so beautifully. As compared to the old national anthem which was full of prosaic praises for the King, the new national anthem strengthens Nepali people’s belief in democratic values and the common task of nation-building.

Shiva Neupane, Syangja

Not enough

Apropos of the news report “Lucre lure led cop to let jailbirds flee” (THT, August 4), it is obvious how some criminals are allowed to go scot-free because of fraudulent practices

rampant in the police department. Though police constable Krishna Kumar Shrestha has been nabbed for accepting a bribe and he faces legal action, it is not enough. The police

department has to go into the nexus existing between criminals and some elements in the police department. This nexus has led to an increased number of crimes across the country. All those involved in the case need to be brought to justice as well.

Prabin Sharma,

New Baneshwor


Though many would commend the courageous act of Rautahat locals who retaliated against the dacoits and thrashed them to death as reported in “Villagers kill three dacoits” (THT, August 4), in truth, this is yet another evidence of absence of law and order in the


It was the inability of the police personnel to curb criminal activities that led the locals to take the law into their own hands. If this situation continues, the day when the people might not need police department is not far off.

Uchit Shrestha, Bhaktapur