Appreciable part

Minister of Finance Surendra Pandey presented the budget of Rs 285 billion 930 million for the implementation of government policies and programs for the

fiscal year 2066/67 at the legislature parliament. It looks good, but it is very difficult to

implement this budget because the corruption culture is not

going to change suddenly. If this budget amount cannot be collected, inflation will start to gallop and then the situation will be still worse. The CPN (UML)-led government has

provided attractive financial incentives under its new budget to encourage inter-caste

marriage between dalits and non dalits. Under the new scheme, the government will provide a grant assistance of Rs 100,000 to such newly married couples if they apply within 30 days of marriage registration in the district administration office. This is the most appreciable part of this budget.

Roshan Kumar Jha, Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur

Joy rides?

Nepal would not find any rhinoceros, our national pride, in the jungles of Chitwan and Bardia if the concerned turn the poaching criminals’ jail terms into just short joy rides

Ramesh Shrestha, via e-mailJoin hands

This is in response to the news “Epidemic shows little sign of abating”, (THT July 14). No one has paid serious concern over

the plight of people in Jajarkot, Rukum and other neighboring districts, who at the cost of

paucity of safe drinking water have to lose their lives due to


The situation has worsened and turned horrible with the increase in death tolls every day. Albeit contributions have been made from various sectors.

However, they are not sufficient to halt the pandemic which has spread further. The government seems complacent regarding this serious issue. This incident has vividly shown how people are living in rural areas deprived of health, education and other

facilities, the basic needs to be fulfilled by the government. In this regard, everyone should

join hands to sort out the prevailing situation through humanitarian efforts and the government should also bobilise all its mechanism to

save the lives of people.

Ayush Pandey, St. Xavier’s

College, Thapathali.

More beats

I am a regular reader of your newspaper. It has done a great job. However, the newspaper should cover more beats.

International newspapers cover a lot more topics, issues than your newspaper. The bottom line is that the readers should know the hygienic and healthy food to eat than what celebrities will wear for conferences. You should cover what is really big. The newspaper should teach and coach the public about what Vitamin A is than to teach about the possible life style on Mars.

Shiva Neupane, The Nepali Times, Australia.

Hardship pays

The real life story of Bhawana Tamang is full of misery, struggle and indeed a source of inspiration to all of us. We know many Nepalese are poor and have been living below the poverty line. Apparently, they cannot afford their children’s

expensive high quality education in English boarding schools. But Bhawana’s success story sheds light that despite the lack of amenities in life, one can be a successful person.

It is a lesson to poor students that excellence comes from hard work and a strong will.

In Nepal, many of us are living amid adversities and are really finding it arduous to have

two-time meals. Like Bhawana and her mother, we must learn to find the way amid adversities and teach the kids the way of living successful lives.

Indeed, her mother’s hardship now has paid as her daughter

has passed SLC with (88.75%) distinction even studying in an ordinary school. Her mother’s struggle is a social message to all women that-even working

unusual jobs as dishwasher, laundry, house cleaner etc. one can raise a child and give

her best.Also, with hardship and focused dream one can bring one’s child in the right direction, without any help from the husband. Bhawana would have felt bad and shed tears when her father was not there when she needed his presence most but

it’s her mother who gave the love of mother and of the father as well. The proverb “tough time never lasts, but tough people do”, holds true in her case. It’s a real story that is a morale booster to us. We must apply the

inspiration to our lives.

Mallicka Shrestha, via e-mail