Wrong diagnosis:

This is in reference to Mana Prasad Wagley’s article “National budget: Support education through internal revenue” (THT, June 18). His suggestion that education sector be supported through internal revenue does not have any merit. All the problems in the education sector cannot be attributed solely to the insufficiency of funds. What is most important is the change in mindset of the government-appointed teachers, who need to do more at their level to raise the quality of education. But it is surprising that the school management seems totally content to allow the government teachers to continue in their errant ways.

These are not problems arising from the shortage of resources alone but also from the inefficiency of school management. The government should rather set standards for the schools and see to it that they are met. It will be wise to involve the private sector in


Manish Bikram Shah,

via e-mail

Good idea:

Drs Gray Haq and Dieter Schwela’s letter “Shocking experience” (THT, June 15) deserves serious consideration. I agree that the traffic in places of high cultural importance and those that see more tourists should be better regulated. It is not the streets teeming with vehicles that tourists flock into Nepal to see but our rich cultural and historical monuments.

Dwaipayan Regmi,



Our attention has been drawn to the news report, “NRB guv, official being quizzed: CIAA tells PM” (THT, June 19). The reference to the alleged embezzlement of Rs. 190 million by NRB governor Bijaya Nath Bhattarai and myself is completely baseless and against the basic journalistic principle of giving due space to the version of the person mentioned in the news.

I strongly object to the content of this report and challenge THT to establish the allegations.

Surendra Man Pradhan,

Executive Director,

BFI Regulation

Department, NRB


The children’s beauty pageant, “Little Mr and Miss Nepal” was held in the capital on June 17. I believe that such competitions boost our children’s confidence and teach them how to cope with successes and failures.

However, if these contests are unfair and biased, the same children will lose self-confidence. In the June 17 contest, for example, there were some very questionable decisions. This makes me wonder if these contests are organised to bring out the best in children or only for the sake of profit for the organisers. This aspect should receive attention when similar other contests are organised.

Bipin Basnet, Kathmandu


Concerning the news report, “Result-oriented research in agriculture stressed” (THT, June 18) that carried the name of Mahanta Thakur, I would like to correct you that Thakur is not the “Minister for Agriculture and Cooperatives” as mentioned. He held that portfolio in the past. Now, he is the Minister for Science and Technology.

Dr Sital Kaji Shrestha,

Asst. Lecturer, HICAST