Flood-prone highways:

The monsoon is about to start. When it does, we are sure to experience the same old problem of landslides obstructing the highways. But little has been done to reduce the effects of landslides. Moreover, road construction begins only during the rainy season every year. The road department surely knows that the roads constructed during the rainy season are less durable than those constructed during the dry season. Add to that the great trouble the passengers have to face and the high risk of accidents as a result. To reduce such disasters,

something special should be done to landslide-prone places like Krishna Bhir on the Prithivi Highway.

Bal Krishna Ghimire, Ghasakhola, Arghakhanchi

Great idea:

Kudos to Minister for Physical Planning and Works Hishila Yami for resurecting the 20-year-old plan to build a greenbelt along Ring Road. I have been thoroughly impressed by the rate at which the demolition of illegal construction has taken place along Ring Road. I have been living close to Ring Road for over 25 years and I am excited at the prospect of it returning to its pristine beauty. It was sad that no one had thought about it before. Yami has made a great start. This noble project should be completed as soon as possible.

Suraj Rai, via e-mail

PM’s right:

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala should have refrained from making vitriolic comments against the Young Communist League in public. He was also right in saying that the YCL has not stopped its violent behaviour. Therefore, no matter what noble efforts it is engaged in, the YCL cannot be considered a democratic outfit.

Shiva Neupane, RR campus


In the caption of the photo showing American ambassador James F Moriarty driving an electric three-wheeler published on June 6 edition of THT, it was erroneously stated that the vehicle was manufactured by Hulas Motors. This was manufactured by “Shree Eco Visionary Pvt. Ltd”, a company launched on August 24, 2002, which has helped conserve the

environment through wider use of the electric vehicles.

Umesh Raj Shrestha, MD, Shree Eco Visionary Pvt. Ltd

Nepali cricket:

In the 2007 Cricket World Cup, except Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the Asian countries could not make their presence felt. Sri Lanka is a good team and has won the prestigious tournament once. But Bangladesh’s march into the Super 8 round stood out. Yet the question on most Nepalis’ minds was, when would we see our cricketers play in a big tournament?

For Nepali cricket to advance to that level, I believe more youngsters should be added to the

national squad.

Tournaments like the ongoing Wai Wai Under-19 Cricket League can be used to bring up new talents. Those who shine in such tournaments should be given a chance in the national team. The younsters who do well in the national team can take Nepal to new heights. If stress is laid on developing new talents from the grassroots, Nepal could emerge as a powerhouse in world cricket in the not-so-distant future.

Manoj Thapa, via e-mail