Cloud of suspicion:

The horrors of Gaur — which left 28 dead and countless injured — left Nepalis speechless. Aren’t both sides — the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF) and the Maoists — supposed to be “political” groups fighting for the rights of the Madhesis? This incident casts a cloud of suspicion over the recent demonstrations and bandhs in the Tarai. If these people continue to fight among themselves, how can they expect to secure the rights they say they stand for?People expect all political organisations in the country to act responsibly in order to build a new Nepal.

Ravindra Shrestha, Pulchowk Campus

Edit page :

Your effort at bringing timely news, views and perspectives views to the readers are praiseworthy. However, I would like to see some improvements in the Edit page. These include more articles from well-known writers and more space for the “Letters” column.

Dhananjay Shah, TU


According to Maoist chairman Prachanda the Tarai disturbance is a result of conspiracy hatched by “royalists”, “Indian Hindu extremists”, “expansionists” and “regressive elements”. If so, who was responsible for the Lahan incident that started the unrest? And why the insistence on maintaining the PLA? The Maoists say they distrust the Nepal Army. But the Nepalis don’t trust the Maoists either. Does this mean that all those who hold a different opinion to theirs need to resort to activities similar to those of the MJF?

Amit Kumar Sharma, Sydney

Moral voice:

Last week, the businessmen who had been vehemently against all kinds of bandhs, themselves organised one in the most unprofessional manner. It was pathetic to witness the heads of various business organisations shouting at the top of their voices to make themselves heard instead of relying on their capacity to negotiate. They have lost the moral voice with which they spoke against other organisations for calling bandhs.

Dorji Tsering Sherpa, Galfutar

Stop bandhs:

The recent announcement of bandh by the business sector will benefit only the businessmen concerned. But the common people are now fed up with this kind of bandh. Why don’t the

agitators find other ways to put pressure on the government? How long should the people quietly bear the torture of the bandhs that are called every other day? No organisation has the right to disturb the daily life of the common citizens.

Shiva Neupane and Upasana Dhal, via email


As a big fan of Indian cricket team, I was very disappointed to see them lose to Sri Lanka, hot on the heels of their shameful defeat to Bangladesh. It is not so much the loss as the manner that she lost. In a sense, the team never competed. Against the minnows in Bermuda, they played like tigers but in their real test against the test-playing countries it was as if they were not even interested in winning. India’s World Cup campaign was a total washout.

Sharad Yadav, via e-mail