Clarify on borders

Apropos of Aditya Man Shrestha’s article “Maoist foreign policy” (THT, Jan 18), Shrestha is rightly concerned about our national integrity. The fact remains that while our northern border is regulated, the southern border remains open and porous. Does that mean that the Maoists should opt for an open or a regulated border? If the Maoists believe in the principle of equidistance, either the open border with India should be regulated or the Chinese border should be opened. But under the circumstances, it will not be possible to open the Nepal-China border. On the other hand, the open border with India holds without any agreement, treaty or memorandum. At the present, though the Maoists are a major political force, they have remained quiet about Nepal’s border issues. However, while they were still outlawed and confined to the jungles, their leaders had frequently raised the issue of Kalapani. It’s about time the Maoists made clear their policy on national borders.

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Bagbazar


In reference to Aditya Man Shrestha’s article, equi-proximity, not equidistance, should be the right approach for Nepal while dealing with its two giant and fast developing neighbours. Only through their maximum involvement in its development efforts will Nepal be able to bring prosperity to its people, who have suffered so much under successive autocratic and corrupt regimes, and more recently, the atrocities of the Maoists. An effective foreign policy can be

developed only on the back of strong domestic performance on social, economic and democratic fronts.

Bihari Krishna Shrestha, Green Block, Patan

Hand in hand

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist leader Prachanda have turned out to be the architects of peace in Nepal. Now, they should work together to initiate good governance and eliminate corruption to fulfil their promise of building a New Nepal as per the mandate of the Jana Andolan II. This is essential because ministerial powers have been shamelessly misused in the past to indulge in corruption or to protect the corrupt. The interim government should ensure that only honest and competent people are given responsible positions.

Ramesh Shrestha, Lalitpur

Right move

It was heartening that the Maoists chose most of their members for the interim legislature from the young generation. The country needed an overhaul of the defunct parliament that housed the same, old faces who failed the country miserably in the past.

Hem Raj Basnet, Chainpur-8, Chitwan

KU row

The only well-functioning university in the country, Kathmandu University, seems to be going the way of TU. If the demands put forward by the teachers and staff are genuine, they should be met immediately. If not, they should reconsider their demands and save KU from dirty politics. The assumption that everyone who held office during the royal regime is unqualified is wrong. Politics and academic excellence simply don’t go together.

Madhav Karki, via e-mail