Tough tests ahead:

It is good to know that the SPA and the Maoists have finally fixed a date for the promulgation of the interim constitution (“Interim constitution, legislature on Jan 15”, THT, Jan 9). But it is no secret that many people have voiced their disagreement over the draft. The interim arrangements may not be effective without taking into confidence all sections of the society. For instance, there are many issues to be tackled, including the activities of factions like the Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (JTMM), that is demanding autonomy for the Madhesis. The freed Kamaiyas are yet to get most of the things promised to them when they were freed. Apart from holding the constituent assembly polls, the interim government will also be judged from the way it addresses various issues and demands, which are sometimes conflicting.

Sarad Prajapati, via e-mail


Kudos to THT for bringing to light the sorry plight of poetess Jhamak Ghimire (“Poetess’ cry for help”, THT, Jan 7). Indeed, she is living in pitiable condition. It is amazing how Ghimire, despite her handicap, manages to write good poetry with the help of her feet. It is sad that the government has cut off her monthly allowance. The country should not ignore gems like Jhamak Ghimire.

Biku Dhakal, Kupondole, Lalitpur

Costly strikes:

Even after the success of the Jana Andolan II, the number of strikes and bandhs in the country has not gone down. Surely, there are better ways to settle disputes. After the April Revolution, it was expected that such occurrences would decline. But latent hatred has come out and every group seems to be pushing its own agenda. In recent times, even those groups which are generally not associated with strikes like entrepreneurs and businessmen resorted to strikes and bandhs. All groups with grievances should bear in mind that the nation pays a heavy price for strikes and bandhs.

Shiva Pandey, Samakhusi


Though much hue and cry has been made over the dwindling rhino population, little seems to have been done to halt their poaching. The government has blamed the increase in poaching on the reduced number of army posts inside the national park and it has started re-establishing the posts displaced during the Maoist insurgency. But how could it explain its decision to release poachers? On the one hand, the government seems to be abetting poachers, but on the other it is talking of taking strong action to curb poaching. What does a common man make of this blatant contradiction?

Sapana Lohani, CDES, TU

Game show:

The 3-0 defeat of the Mahendra Police Club (MPC) to the Boys Union Club in the ongoing Martyrs Memorial San Miguel ‘A’ Division Football League on Monday has thrown the tournament wide open. Many predict a fierce battle between the MPC and the Tribhuvan Army Club (TAC), the top two teams, for the first position, as the season draws to a close. Football lovers only want great excitement out of every game.

Shiva Gurung, Banepa