Costly indecision

The top posts in the four leading universities of the country have been vacant for several months. This has led to the postponement of exams, convocations and other important businesses that need top-level approval. Now the TU Employees’ Association has decided to boycott the ongoing post-graduate final examinations to protest against police manhandling when they were staging a sit-in to demand immediate appointments to those positions.

It is hard to understand why the government has remained indecisive on such a vital issue. Going by newspaper reports, it is the result of the failure of the political parties to agree on probable candidates and partywise quota. How can the government play with the future of tens of thousands of students like this? This irresponsible attitude goes against the spirit of the Jana Andolan II.

Aashis Luitel, School of Engineering, KU

Fire them

This refers to the news report “Nation’s taps to run dry today” (THT, Jan 5). Can the employees association of the Nepal Drinking Water Supply Corporation disrupt water supply to press their demands? It will be a cruel act on their part and the people will not tolerate it for long. If the employees seek to hit the interests of those very people who feed them, they should be fired.

Dr Ghanashyam Chapagain, via e-mail

Why not?

I disagree with Joanna Moorhead’s views expressed in the Midway piece “Married but not Mrs” (THT, Jan 3), where she expresses her reservations about adopting the surname of her husband. If taking the husband’s surname affects neither the family nor the society, why the fuss? If a woman can take the name of her father, then why not that of the husband? And which surname should a child adopt when the parents have different surnames?

Dipendra Joshi, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur


The Maoists are creating new obstacles to the peace process. Their only strategy seems to be getting a share in power. Who knows what steps they will take once they join the interim government.

Ram Bashyal, via e-mail

Blame game

Both the Maoists and leaders of the major SPA constituents seem to blame each other for the delay in the promulgation of the interim constitution. This may raise doubts about the prospects of peace and security in the country. The Maoists should also take care that they stop violating the ceasefire code of conduct. Both the sides need to show greater commitment to implementing the mandate of the Jana Andolan II.

Ranjeev Shrestha, NCCS College, Paknajol


No concrete measures have been taken to stop poaching of the one-horned rhinos. The government, non-govermental organisations and citizens should all unite to save

this endangered species. The existing laws should be implemented with greater rigour to make would-be poachers think twice before deciding to kill rhinos.

Hem Raj Basnet, Chainpur-8, Chitwan