Unjustifiable deeds:

I disagree with Surya Lama’s views expressed through “People’s man” (Letters, THT, Nov. 22) that a leader chosen by the people has the right to kill innocent civilians. The Maoists have not only been involved in killings but also in abductions, torture, forcible recruitment and other brutal acts. How can these deeds be justified? Is Prachanda above the law? Before jumping to conclusions we should bear in mind that the people’s support for him is yet to be ascertained. I have no doubt that the Maoists can work for the country’s progress but their past deeds will haunt Nepalis for some time to come. Would Lama have backed the Maoists had he been a victim of brutality himself?

Neeraj Roy, via e-mail

Great hope:

The Comprehensive Peace Treaty (CPT) signed on November 21 ends a decade-old insurgency. The political parties this time around have demonstrated statesmanship in their efforts to build a new Nepal. This has raised new hopes after the huge loss of life and property over the past decade. The people expect to enjoy the fruits of good governance, including equal rights and opportunities for every Nepali. The political leaders need to display similar wisdom in future. Then the Nepalis would be really proud of their political leaders. But, no time should be lost in holding the constituent assembly elections on schedule and making a new constitution. Delay could lead to the hatching of conspiracy against democracy.

Anita Dong, via e-mail


Tuesday brought a new hope. The CPT is, as the grand old man of Nepali politics G P Koirala put it, a great example of national determination unmatched in the world. I was much impressed by Prachanda’s impassioned speech following the signing ceremony. Indeed, the treaty marks people’s victory over evil powers who had held peace hostage. The Western countries that had doubted the Maoist intent have been compelled to give Prachanda a nod of appreciation for his role in restoring peace.

Shiva Neupane, Golphutar, Kathmandu

Ring Road:

The authorities have not made any efforts to curb traffic chaos and pollution in Ring Road areas, with public vehicles stopping wherever they like and heavy vehicles bellowing smoke. he outer Ring Road project is unlikely to come to fruition. But this plan must not stand in the way of the duty of imroving inner Ring Road. A better management of the traffic on Ring Road will contribute to lightening the traffic problems inside the Valley. Dividers should be installed, roads widened and the movement of heavy vehicles checked during peak hours. The violators should be punished. Imposing fines on the rule-breakers alone would generate enough funds to improve the condition of Ring Road. Gradually, we can convert Ring Road into a pollution — and congestion-free Green Road. Furthermore, it should be renamed Loktantra Road to remind future generations that it was where the unprecedented people’s uprising took place.

Asheem Sharma, Clean Energy Financial Institution