Keep up the spirit:

The November 21 Comprehensive Peace Treaty (CPT) is the best news to come out of Nepal at least in a decade. The Nepalis can now breathe freely and see the clear signs of a new Nepal unfolding. Both the seven party alliance (SPA) and the Maoists need to work hand in and in the new government and they should keep it up at least until the constituent assembly polls. Though different parties have different visions, they should all aim for the same basic goals, namely, peace and prosperity of all Nepalis.

Bishnu Shrestha, New Baneshwor

PLA drive:

The news brief “Maoists whisk away pupils” (THT, Nov. 22) is cause for concern. It is difficult to understand why the Maoists want to attract a bad press when they are poised to become a part of an interim government. As the Maoists have made a commitment under the November 21 treaty not to recruit new people, it is expected that such acts will now come to a complete halt. Mutual trust is necessary to implement the treaty and to make peace and democracy permanent. The Maoists and the SPA should now begin the process of consolidating the gains of the people’s movement. Under the CPT, both the government and the Maoists have reaffirmed their commitment to human rights and humanitarian laws and conventions, as well as to all democratic values.

Amit Bhandari, Siphal

Punish him:

As regards Neeraj Roy’s letter “Biased” (THT, Nov. 20), he seems to have forgotten the repression of Nepalis during King Gyanendra’s rule, especially during Jana Andolan II. Imposing curfews and shooting at peaceful pro-democracy protesters cannot be defended on any grounds. He also imposed a ban on free dissemination of news and information for a long time. These and some other measures taken by him were aimed at merely consolidating his power through any means. As he is chiefly responsible for the suppression of the protesters and the resulting deaths and injuries during the Jana Andolan II, he must be suitably punished.

Aashish Tiwari, via e-mail

Inner beauty :

I agree with Samrachana Adhikari’s Midway piece “Apparently Speaking” (THT, Nov. 15). Neither a tip-top suit nor a trendy gown nor an attractive face projects one’s true personality. External appearance is no barometer of one’s inner beauty which can only be judged after knowing one’s true character, attitude, manner, thoughts, perception, etc. The first impression is often made in haste. Unlike the popular saying, the first impression may not be the last impression, and often it is based on an incorrect reading based on physical features. Adhikari should not worry too much about what others think about her new hairstyle. She should rather follow her heart and be happy.

Bigya Shah, via e-mail

THT website:

Though THT is a popular daily, its web service is poor. The search engine in the site is useless. Attempts to access material are in vain. Furthermore, THT should also start the practice of acknowledging the e-mails sent to it.

Urna Tuladhar, via e-mail