Endangered rhinos

Apropos of the news report “Poachers electrocute rhino” (THT, Oct. 30), it is alarming that three rhinos have been killed by the poachers in the past month alone, one after another. This shows that either the Chitwan National Park personnel were not doing their job properly or there was not enough security to protect this endangered species.

Rhinos are a part of our natural heritage and a big tourist attraction. The poachers should be identified and brought to justice at the earliest. It is equally necessary to bring to book officials who fail to perform their duty of protecting the rhinos reasonably well.

Rajendra Maharjan, via e-mail

Probe it

Nepal suffered a humiliating defeat, with just 28 votes, in its bid to secure a non-permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council. Though foreign minister K P Sharma Oli claimed that Nepal stood a good chance of being elected, the outcome turned out to be the opposite.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is mainly responsible for this failure. A proper investigation needs to be conducted into it.

Parasu Ram Gautam, Virginia, USA

TU’s ways

Tribhuvan University is without direction. Its snail’s pace is manifest almost everywhere, including the publication of results. Its teaching methods and marking system are horrible, too. It is little surprise then that students are going abroad for higher education. This reflects poorly on the nation’s premier university. The government is certainly not helping TU by delaying the appointment of its top officials.

Krishna Gyanwali, Tri-Chandra College

Take action

This refers to the news report “Public vehicles fleecing passengers” (THT, Oct. 27). The report quotes the director of the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), Sharad Adhikary, as admitting that the state-owned Sajha Yatayat is charging more than the rates fixed by the transport authority. It is also reported that microbuses hike ticket rates by as much as 80 per cent.

This is a clear violation of rules and regulations. The guilty should be punished. Either these workers are bribing DoTM’s officials or the transport ministry is shirking its responsibility. It’s about time the Labour and Transport Ministry initiated action against the violators of the rules and regulations. Nobody can escape responsibility, even in the post-revolution phase.

N B Katuwal, via e-mail

No to drugs

Youths are the pillars of the nation. If the foundation is shaky, the nation cannot become strong. Rampant drug abuse among Nepali youths is weakening this foundation.

For a few moments of kicks, these people will suffer all their lives, both physically and psychologically. They will also incur social disapproval. They need to understand that taking drugs cannot solve any problem; rather, it will pile up problems for them as their youth ebbs and even shorten their life-span. So the best mantra for the youth is to stay away from drugs.

Hemraj Basnet, JAM Campus