Muddled logic :

This refers to Aditya Man Shrestha’s letter “Right advice” (THT, Sept. 26) in reply to my own “Presidential system” (THT, Sept. 14). The three branches of government, whether in the US or Nepal, are not constitutionally designed to “suck in national resources leaving other parts of the country high and dry”. To the extent that it happens in Nepal, it is largely the result of rampant political and bureaucratic corruption. Therefore, to maintain that geographical dispersal of these branches or the induction of the presidential system would change the pervasive culture of corruption for the better is muddled logic.

Bihari Krishna Shrestha, Green Block, Patan

Rethink :

This refers to the government’s decision to set free nine persons connected with poaching of the endangered rhinos. This will discourage the conservationists and encourage the poachers and traders. The government should reconsider its decision to help preserve the endangered species.

Otherwise, animals like the rhino will be a thing of the past soon.

Keshab Raj Joshi, Central Department of Environmental Science, TU

Go by merit :

The government will soon be appointing ambassadors from a pool of party cadres, intellectuals and ex-bureaucrats while those who are qualified, honest and disciplined but are not affiliated to any party, will be disappointed.

Even some of the corrupt officials will be vying for a diplomatic assignment. If they succeed, they will get a chance to remove their poor public image.

To make the selection process fair and transparent, the government should invite applications for the vacant posts, specifying minimum qualifications. This would help develop a new crop of candidates who will represent Nepal abroad better. These important appointments should not be made in haste.

Ramesh B Shrestha,


Air safety :

As long as outdated aircraft are allowed to fly, disasters like the one in Taplejung will continue to happen.

This crash, which led to the death of a number of luminaries in the field of nature conservation, will hopefully prompt the government to take the issue of air safety seriously.

New airlines should not be allowed to operate unless basic infrastructure is in place. Leasing old aircraft that are unlikely to be permitted to fly in foreign countries is only courting disaster.

Rajesh Koirala, via e-mail

Add buses :

Incessant rains have resulted in floods and landslides, which have blocked the roads to the Kathmandu Valley. With the beginning of Dashain, more and more people will go out of the

Valley using these roads. Their journey will be risky. Besides, to earn more profit, transport companies try to cram as many people as possible into their buses or minibuses during the festive season.

Who will take responsibility if an accident happens because of this? More vehicles should be operated during the holidays.

Anju Pandey, Gongabu