Fruitless China trip :

This refers to the news report “China rail may touch Trishuli, Panchkhal: Oli” (THT, August 4). The report says that China has agreed to extend the railway service up to Xigatze, which is “close to the border with Nepal in Tibet.”

First of all, Xigatze is nowhere near the Nepali border. Hence the extension of railroad to the area will not benefit Nepal in any significant way. In fact, the deputy PM’s China visit seems to have been futile. Last year, President Hu Jintao gave an audience to the then foreign minister Ramesh Nath Pandey. But there was no such luck for K P Oli, a representative of a democratic government. I wonder why Nepali politicians risk humiliation by embarking on such fruitless trips. And Oli’s proposal to develop Panchkhal as a special economic zone is at least a decade old.

Suresh Acharya,

Baneshwor, via e-mail

Negligence :

Apropos of the news report “200-year-old idol stolen from Patan” (THT, August 31), this is a clear case of negligence on the part of the Department of Archaeology to supervise the site. If our cultural heritage continues to vanish at this rate, we will soon lose our cultural

identity. Security needs to be beefed up in these culturally sensitive areas.

Kashiram Panday, Gongabu

Overhaul :

Students are demanding that the Mahendra Sanskrit University’s top brass be replaced. In my view, not only the top officials but also the entire faculty should be changed. There is no sense in promoting Sanskrit only when the mother tongues of various ethnic groups are


The government should spend its resources on promoting these languages as well. Languages like Newari, Tamang, Gurung, Kirati and Maithali should be taught alongside Sanskrit. It is unfair to spend a huge amount of state resources on a Sanskrit university without spending anything on primary education in various mother tongues. The university’s name should also be changed.

Dipak Tuladhar,

Durbar Marg

Baseless :

Shiva Neupane’s letter “Republic” (THT, Aug 31) was baseless. How can he say that the majority of youth want a republican setup? I wonder how Neupane came to this conclusion. Only a referendum carried out in a fair and free manner will decide on Nepal’s future

political system.

Neeraj Roy, People’s Campus

Life’s mystery :

This refers to Suman Dahal’s Midway “Struggle for existence” (THT, Sept. 1). This was a nice write-up. Many people continue to regard their lives as insignificant amid the hustle and bustle of modern life. But who has the time to think about the underlying purpose of human existence at these busy times except a handful that believe in immortality and salvation?

Manika Maharjan,

via e-mail

Not serious :

Are the Maoists committed to the peace process? If so, why are they continuing abductions and extortions? Yes, the government representatives have acted irresponsibly at times, but the Maoists are also to blame for jeopardising peace talks.

Ramesh Khanal, Dhapasi