NTS pioneer enterprise

This is in reference to the news report “Sajha Yatayat to go PPP way” (THT, March 26) in which it has been said that Sajha Yatayat is the country’s pioneer transport enterprise. Actually, Nepal’s first transport enterprise was Nepal Transport Service which was established

in 1959. Its buses connected Kathmandu and Amlekhgunj, and Kathmadnu and Patan.

Tisa Tuladhar, Kathmandu


This is in reference to the news report “Maoist panel to probe into murder” (THT, March 28). It is shocking that despite its promises of upholding to earlier commitments, the Maoists do not seem ready to change their violent ways. In fact, the events of the past few months indicate that they are protecting criminals under the garb of its youth wing, Youth Communist League (YCL). I don’t think Maoists have any right to be in the government if they cannot maintain law and order and improve the security situation of the country.

Sukriti Sharma, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu


This is in reference to the article “Private firm to launch wind power project” (THT, March 28) and “Engineering Students’ design comes to fruition” (THT, March 27). I am very pleased to learn that the company, USP Wind Power System has initiated a new alternative solution to light the remote parts of the country amid the present energy and economic crisis.

Instead of investing on foreign products, assisting and exploiting the recent homemade wind turbine by those engineering students would be valuable, because the resources within the country are being utilised, giving a strong message to other aspiring students to come up with more innovative ideas in future.

Ujjwal Gurung, via e-mail

Child rights

This is in reference to the news “Call to make new statute child-friendly”, (THT, March 28). It is discouraging to know that children are in a predicament to earn for their living. Their plight is a reflection of the failure of the scores of INGOS and NGOS and the government who have not been doing effective work for the betterment of these children and face a bleak future.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne, Australia.


If the SPA had not gone for the People’s Movement II, where would the Maoists be? The fact that a sense of unity is lacking can clearly be seen when we find the instructions of the prime minister being disobeyed by his subordinates, or being uninformed regarding the Maoist activities.

Dwaipayan Regmi, COBASS, Biratnagar

Doing well

I am just an ordinary peace loving Nepali who has faith on Dr Babu Ram Bhattarai. Unlike the party supremo, he has kept his words after going to the government. He is still austere as before. He made brilliant economic plans and, most importantly, has been able to implement them. He was successful in collecting taxes from prosperous Nepalese and from private schools too. I believe the money will be used to develop Nepal. We at least have a good political leader who is well educated and doing well.

Prasun Sharma via e-mail