Students’ plight

As a student appearing for the SLC examinations, this is a request to all concerned to refrain from organising bandhs and causing disturbances during the examinations. Moreover, the amount of load shedding we are facing is dose enough to dampen the spirits of the students. Any other conflict would really demoralise them. The education sector as a whole, particularly the SLC examinations, should be made free of all strikes and bandhs. I request

everyone involved, if not always, to maintain maximum stability till the exams are over.

Rhea Gurung, St. Mary’s High School, Jawalakhel

Uncivil Apropos of the letter

“Ignorant” (THT, March 23), it is shocking that tourists were made the target of

political differences between political parties. The number of tourists to Nepal is gradually decreasing due to global recession on the one hand and tourists face humiliation on the other. How can the country’s tourism industry thrive if people continue to treat tourists in such a hostile manner? The government talks about many things but has failed to provide adequate security to the tourists. The government should take strong action against the culprits.

David Kainee, via e-mail


This is in reference to “Idol worship” (THT/TGIF, March 20). The word “worship” is so holy and pure that it can be related to divinity only. As human beings we have to perform two types of duties. One is towards humanity and the other towards our creator. Hence, the choice of the word seems inappropriate when writing news reports related to celebrities.

Amrita Karki Kunwar, Tahachal, Kathmandu


Recently, I had gone to visit Kirtipur with my friends. It is a historical city but the

responsible government agencies have not done anything to preserve and maintain the historical and archaeological sites there. Most of the temples, stupas, ponds, roads, etc. are in urgent need of repair and maintenance. Adequate attention has to be paid to the preservation of historical sites.

Paul Nachiring, via e-mail


Constituent Assembly Chairperson Subas Chandra Nembang has stated that the ongoing tour of 40 teams of CA members to collect suggestions directly from the people is a rare and most valuable event for the writing of the constitution of the nation. Nembang has also assured the people of Nepal that the visits by the Constituent Assembly members would result in the

fulfilment of the aspirations of the people. I am of the opinion that the suggestion collection teams are fully illegal. Nembang himself is a law professional, and he should have been clear about the legality of these teams. Had the country not spent five billion rupees

already for the Constituent Assembly election, such teams would have some

purpose and legality. The people have already authorised the 601 members of the Constituent Assembly by spending this huge amount of money to write the constitution. The

charade of the 40 teams and more waste of public purse is definitely not the right way towards fulfilling the aspirations of the people.

V P Sayami, Kathmandu