Negative focus

In his article “India’s economic aid” (THT, June 15), Dr Raghab D Pant has once again focused on the impending collapse of the Nepali economy. It is amazing how the author, like in his previous write-ups, comes up with negative conclusions all the time,

particularly as the Nepali economy has been growing at over two per cent, which is similar to the growth rate achieved during the royal regime? Should not an economic collapse be

reflected in the GDP (i.e. should not the GDP be falling instead of rising)?

Isn’t it something positive for the economy to achieve a growth rate of two per cent even during such difficult times? I find it hard to grasp how Dr Pant keeps ignoring all the positive trends and focuses only on the negative sides. He also believes that India can help us out of this economic downturn. But the Indian money is yet to reach our coffers. Reading Dr Pant’s article I could not help thinking that the issue is more political than economic.

Sarad Nepal, Biratnagar


The likes of Deputy Prime Minister K P Oli have proved worthless in the course of the past 12 years. They think about no one but themselves. It seems as if these leaders are the only ones enjoying the freedom. Otherwise, why were former royal cabinet ministers Kamal Thapa and Tanka Dhakal allowed to go scot-free? This is yet another example of the political

leaders betraying the people.

Anish, e-mail

Manage arms

I wonder how the United Nations is going to manage arms in Nepal. How will the UN dig up all the arms from numerous caves and Maoist hideouts dotting the difficult terrain? Unless this problem is addressed, the Maoists should not be included in the interim government.

B P Sharma, Jamal

CA’s job

The intra-party differences among the major political parties regarding the elections to a constituent assembly (CA) are surprising and loathsome at the same time. Haven’t these

politicians learnt their lesson in the past 12 years? If yes, why do they continue to engage in bickerings rather than moving ahead for the CA polls?

Also, while PM Koirala still seems in favour of ceremonial monarchy, the likes of CPN-UML’s Bamdev Gautam are totally against it. Why don’t they let the CA itself decide the future of monarchy in Nepal?

Jeevan Sharma, via e-mail

Other side

This is in response to Sarose Bhurtel’s letter (THT, June 19) regarding the World Cup. Like Bhurtel, I would also like NTV to show all the matches. But we should keep in mind that many

people have different tastes. Viewers include people of all age groups and of different economic levels. NTV has to focus on benefiting a large section of the population rather than pleasing a handful of urban people.

Ram B Thapa, Chhetrapati


It is amazing how THT manages to cover all the World Cup matches that are played well into the wee hours of the morning. Your commitment is praiseworthy, and it will please all soccer lovers.

Geshan Manandhar,

via e-mail