Share bazaar malpractices

Along with the reinstatement of parliament, new avenues have opened for the business sector. There is also the possibility of more investment opportunities. Of late, the public has become more aware and interested in the capital market. The growth of stock market is,

undoubtedly, related to the growth of the overall economy. But unscrupulous activities are said to be affecting the share bazaar. Some professional investors are applying for more shares by illegally using photocopies of other people’s citizenship certificates. I have heard that the securities of Chilime hydropower are being purchased and sold illegally in the market without even being listed in the NEPSE.

Such malpractices must be stopped at once.

Adopting a computerised system for transactions will increase the number of share brokers. Increase in trading time will also help in substantial development of the capital market. All the stakeholders must come together and solve the problems confronting this sector. I would also like to request THT to increase the font size of ‘Stock watch’ section and give due importance to capital market activities.

Shubash Baral,Shanker Dev Campus

Save dolphins

The news “Freshwater dolphins facing extinction threat” (THT, May 27) was shocking. The river dolphins found in the Terai of Nepal are said to be on a verge of extinction due to river

pollution. We must gear up conservation efforts for the preservation of dolphins, which are one of the earth’s oldest creatures besides crocodiles and turtles. This endangered species is a link between freshwater habitation and human beings. Hopefully, the news has given a wake up call to the authorities concerned. These beautiful creatures surely deserve our attention.

Samridhi Shrestha,University of Dallas, USA


This refers to the news “Height of nudity”(THT, May 26). The record-setting spree atop Mt Everest has crossed all limits. All kinds of record like the oldest, youngest, fastest, handicapped, number of times and many more have been set. Now the trend is shifting towards performing unimaginable feats bordering vulgarity.

The Ministry of Tourism and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) should enforce a strict code of conduct on all mountaineering expedition teams to stop such disgraceful activities in future. The NMA must take disciplinary action on the person concerned and disqualify him from official recognition.

Dorji Tsering Sherpa


World Cup We are happy that THT is providing a good coverage of football matches. Thanks for informing the readers about different teams, players and other features of the World Cup. Many Nepalis, especially the youngsters, are excited about the upcoming World Cup, which is just eight days away from now.

Since all fans may not be able to watch every match due to the timings, we hope that THT would give a detailed coverage of every match. Also, it would be better if you could

publish the tie-sheet of the tournament before it starts and hold some contest on the event.

Subhash Shah, via e-mail