Accept foreign aid

Much has been said about the pros and cons of foreign aid. Rajendra B Shrestha’s article “Foreign aid” (THT, May 18) also provided an insight. We know that Nepal’s economy is in dire straits and any aid at this moment should be accepted without any reservations. Also, since corruption exists everywhere in the world, it should not be an issue to stop foreign assistance. We should look at the larger picture associated with its importance. If there is adequate monitoring mechanism, corruption can be checked at the local level.

Since we need foreign aid, let’s not discourage our donors and INGOs with talks of irregularities and corruption. We need to grab whatever is being given to us.

Sugat Ratna Kansakar,Kamaladi

Show respect

It is a matter of shame that late king Prithvi Narayan Shah’s statue in front of Singha Durbar was vandalised by some protestors. It is now in a pitiable condition and is covered with a piece of cloth. The protesters can, at least, spare our public property and show some respect towards the luminary who laid the foundation for a unified Nepal.

Pratima Ghimire,St Xaviers College

Hold talks

The Nepalis fought for the restoration of the dissolved parliament to create a new Nepal. For this, they want to see an end to the Maoist insurgency. Since the country cannot progress without solving the Maoist problem, it should be brought to an end in a peaceful manner by holding a dialogue with the rebels. The government should thus initiate peace talks as soon as possible.

Gulmeli Bhaskar, via e-mail

Popular will

It is surprising how the whole traffic comes to a virtual standstill when any member of the royal family travels across the Valley. I was caught in one such sawari of the Crown Prince in Lazimpat recently. I was also surprised to notice the security privileges extended to him. Although monarchy has a long history in Nepal, the popular sentiment is clearly directed against it and the cabinet has to follow the popular agenda.

Dr Anthony Callow,via e-mail

Give more

I want to congratulate THT for giving good coverage of national, international and business news. Since we are gradually heading towards political stability, we must encourage the planners and business community to strengthen competitiveness and grab all opportunities to excel in the global market. Nepal must take advantage of its WTO membership and other regulatory systems like SAFTA. I request THT to come up with more innovative articles on

economic issues.

Murari P Gautam, Baluwatar , Kathmandu

Messy rooms

The grade twelve board examination is scheduled for May 21. But the authorities concerned are not bothered to provide a congenial atmosphere for the students to sit for the tests. The examination centres are dirty and the rooms are in a pathetic state. How can the students give exams in such messy rooms?

Shiva Neupane,White House College